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What is the Best Way to Conduct a Global Market Research?

March 27th, 2020

If you plan on expanding your business to other countries, you need to embark on global market research. In fact, this is the first step you should take before establishing your business in a foreign location. Often, investors outsource global market research to an offshore research company residing in a foreign location they wish to establish a branch.

Here are success-oriented tips for carrying out global market research;

Tip #1: Generate Data from Government Agencies

When carrying out global research on a potential foreign business location, government agencies are reliable and invaluable sourc ..Continue reading.. »

How to Attract and Retain Customers

March 24th, 2020

For any business to be successful, the first step that the business owner must embark on is promotion and marketing. Whether you choose to outsource business advertising and promotion to affiliate marketers or set up a marketing department, just ensure you are taking promotion serious from the onset of your business.

Then, the second most important step in business is retaining the customers you have attracted to your business through advertising and promotion. The truth is, attracting and retaining customers is not always an easy task. However, by adopting some proven and systematic strategies, you can sail through the hurdles. K ..Continue reading.. »

Brainstorming on Ideas to Write a Business Slogan

March 20th, 2020

Perhaps you’re about to run a campaign and you need a powerful slogan for the campaign. It could also be that you want to create a slogan for your client as a copywriter. Whichever way, you need to put in quality work in coming up with an irresistible slogan. Many companies choose to outsource slogan writing to professional copywriters.

There are few but on-point steps you can adopt to create memorable and quality slogans. It all starts with understanding the brand in question as well as the competition. Then you can brainstorm on ideas.

How to Brainstorm on Ideas for Slogan

Tip #1: Get Familiar with the Bra ..Continue reading.. »

Top 3 Search Optimization Tips for Digital Marketing

March 17th, 2020

Digital marketing is simply using digital media to market on the internet. This marketing strategy engages approaches such as content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email campaigns, social media and online ads to market a product or promotes a brand. Most companies usually outsource digital marketing for the best result.

The first step towards accomplishing digital marketing successfully is to optimize search engine results. How can you achieve that? Here are top tips that have consistently produced result;

Tip #1: Start by Researching Relevant Search Terms

You should research keywords, ..Continue reading.. »

How to Prepare for a Crisis in Business with 4 Proven Steps

March 13th, 2020

Things happen, and sometimes without a pre-warning – business is not an exception when it comes to those sudden happenstances. One of the ways to ensure effective communication when there’s a crisis in business is to prepare for such a crisis.

The Nature of Business Crisis

Business crisis refers to any occurrence that intercepts the smooth running of a business and would sometimes attract media attention and/or draw public scrutiny. Such a crisis ranges from poor service to accounting errors, or even malicious acts by competitors just to tarnish the image of your business.

Whatever form the crisis in your business may take, it’s important you familiarize yourself with how to tackle t ..Continue reading.. »

Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement – How to Make it a Reality

March 10th, 2020

Continuous improvement concept originated in Japan and has since been adopted by both individuals and western corporations. The first step towards establishing a culture of continuous improvement is to adopt planning and patience. Keep reading to learn more.

As mentioned earlier, planning is one of the key components in developing a culture of continuous improvement. And, planning will require the following measures;

Have a Vision for the Future

You need to look beyond the present and create long term goals in order to make meaningful steps towards improvement. So, where do you see yourself and your busin ..Continue reading.. »


March 6th, 2020

Knowing something about Cannabis or Marijuana edibles

In most countries of the world today, it has become a legalized thing to pack some food items with intoxicating substances from marijuana. Although some individuals are inhaling marijuana, the new craze of eating it as marijuana edibles is becoming a generally accepted way of absorbing the drug. This is the newest craze in most towns. For those who may be newcomers to this trend, it may please you to know that cannabis or marijuana use is being used for medical purposes. The demand for the use of cannabis in the United States of America has been on a fast rise.

Among food products that are commonly known to be carriers of marijuana are known as Brownies. That, notwithstanding, alm ..Continue reading.. »

How to increase your skills and focus and your efforts

March 3rd, 2020

Trending events that come so fast has made it an imperative measure to update one's skill from time to time. This is so because it is expected that in the next 12 calendar months, most people would have realized how their skills have changed in the recent past. So if your skill has lived a decade, consider it an obsolete skill.

It is hoped that this article will help guide you on how to increase your skill with the following tips

1. Updating yourself with the latest trends

Getting update oneself with trending events could be done through the following means.

a. By reading the publications from the industry ..Continue reading.. »

Checkmating the 6 forms of Cheating in workplace exams

February 28th, 2020

Organizations use regular examination to keep her workforce updated in relevant areas of authorities as regards their specialties and general knowledge. This helps to improve worker's proficiencies and ability to work with precision. As mistakes are reduced to the barest minimum, the security of lives and properties is subsequently being improved as well.

Unfortunately, most workers indulge in cheating during these mandatory testing periods. These cheating come in different forms and they are as follows.

1. Cheating in Proxy

Proxy commonly practiced form of mal-practice. In this regard, someone takes ..Continue reading.. »

3 Crucial Pitfalls of Online Venture

February 25th, 2020

Running a small business may give you the mentality of negligence as to some vital things that you should have done for your business. Thus, you may be injuring yourself by not knowing it. So many big corporations today began just like your own business and concept. The difference between them and you is that they never involved themselves at making the following three online mistakes as you are probably doing right away.

Take note of the following online mistakes to avoid it to grow your sales drive, revenue and encourage partnership with other investors.

#1: No Records of Data

Unfortunately, most st ..Continue reading.. »

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