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So Tell Me, Why is Outsourcing Good for America?

December 15th, 2010

A lot of American citizens have been screaming blue murder whenever they here the term “outsourcing”. Outsourcing is of course not a new occurrence – although a lot of citizens have been made to believe that outsourcing is the “new” thing that is taking away their jobs. A lot of service companies began creating jobs overseas in order to gain access to foreign markets. These companies audit, repair and consult where their customers or clients are located. To put it in a way that you’d understand, oversees clients or customers do not have to come all the way here. In addition, a lot of foreign markets are really growing rapidly as lots of domestics companies become saturated. About 60 percent of the revenue of American IT companies is estimated to be created overseas. In a variety of industries which range from consumer products to banking to work placement to even aerospace – this leads companies to re ..Continue reading.. »

Advantages of Outsourcing Information Technology

December 14th, 2010

Advantages of Outsourcing Information Technology

Every business owner knows that in the “world of business” in order to be competitive, you need to be able to offer unique products and or services, end of story. You do not have to own a “call center” in order to employ the services of outsourced employees.

Yup, outsourcing is indeed the one of the main ke ..Continue reading.. »

How Can Outsourcing Help With Local Business?

December 13th, 2010

People are using local searches now more than ever. When you think of searching the Internet you think of utilizing big sites such as eBay and Amazon. People do use these big ecommerce sites to purchase from time to time, especially for music downloads and physical mail order items. But a recent survey of a typical consumer's search habits reveals that they search online for local information 3 to 1 over worldwide searching. They look to the Internet to find hours of operation, directions, specials, coupons and menus and other information.

Is your business in a place to be easily found online? How much business are you missing out on because your Internet presence is weak? This is not the time to be lacking in this new form of advertising, specially when you weigh the cost effectiveness against print ads and TV commercials. I know how busy you are running your business and how confusing maintaining a website can be. T ..Continue reading.. »

Offshore Outsourcing –Which Country Should You Outsource To? – Part 3

December 10th, 2010

Malaysia is a country that has a really attractive business environment, and well developed infrastructure and the strong support of the government which in turn makes Malaysia a country that is sure becoming a rising alternative to China and India. The government in Malaysia has positioned the country as a hub for technological innovation and services that have made a lot of top multinationals locate a couple of their global or regional operations in this country. Malaysia is a country that has a rather more stable political climate which is also supported by consistent economic growth which also makes this particular offshore outsourcing nation attractive for very sensitive, high-end applications in the banking and finance industry.

Offshore Outsourcing –Which Country Should You Outsource To? – Part 2

December 9th, 2010

2. China
In the past couple of years, China is a country that is quickly becoming one of the world’s top suppliers of offshore software outsourcing providers which is due to its totally incredible developmental rate. Though India is right now the world’s top leader in software outsourcing provider; well, China is really aiming to outpace India so that they will become the next leading competitor in software outsourcing. It has been predicted that China someday will become one of the top 3 nations for offshore software outsourcing between the year 2007 and 2010. A lot of companies are even starting to plan their offshore outsourcing strategies in order to take advantage of this country’s emerging strength as an outsourcing destination. This also includes searching for ways so as to take advantage of China’s present software s ..Continue reading.. »

Offshore Outsourcing –Which Country Should You Outsource To? – Part 1

December 8th, 2010

Offshore outsourcing is simply the practice of employing an external company to perform a couple of business tasks in a country other than the country where the goods or service will be consumed or sold. Outsourcing has really increased at a fast pace due to the improvement in modern satellite and internet technology, a much better connectivity and a steady search for very affordable labor in order to cut costs and achieve competitive advantage. When a company outsources its back office business functions to less expensive nations such as India, China, Malaysia, Philippines, the company can really cut down on their labor costs and concentrate on their core competencies and make sure that they provide a much better customer satisfaction. Well, according to a recent report, United States firms have saved nearly 8 billion United States dollars through outsourcing to developing countries such as the Philippines. There are a lot of devel ..Continue reading.. »

10 Things To Look For In An Outsourcing Company

December 6th, 2010

Outsourcing companies come in all shapes and sizes, from many different countries and at many varied pricing schemes. But there are some critical aspects that you should pay attention to if you want to get the most from your outsourcing company. Check it out:
1 ) Does your outsourcing company know it's way around the web? In today's business environment, a web presence is important to doing a global business. Internet savvy reps are a must! 2 ) Having your reps "Americanized" is very important to your clients. How heavy an accent does yourcurrent rep have? And do they clearly understand what expected from a Western style business? 3) Is your rep familiar with the way your company does business? A good outsourcing firm will take the time to get to know their client and their business style intimately. 4 ) Does your current outsourcing firm have Western style management? A reliable fi ..Continue reading.. »

Successful Outsourcing Vendor Selection Process – Part 2

November 24th, 2010

  1. c. RFP & RFQ
Now that the business requirements have been defined and you also have the short listed vendors that you want to evaluate, this is the time to write an RFP (request for proposal) or RFQ (request for quotation). Whichever format that you decide to choose, just make sure that your RFQ or RFP should have the following sections:
  1. Submission information
  2. Introduction & executive summary
  3. The business background and overview
  4. Well detailed specifications
  5. Assumptions and constraints
  6. Terms and conditions
vii.  Selection criteria
  1. d. Proposal Evaluation & Outsourcing Vendor Selection
The major goal of this part is to effectively minimize human emotion and political influence so as to arrive at a decision that is certainly in the very best interest of the company. Make sure that ..Continue reading.. »

Successful Outsourcing Vendor Selection Process – Part 1

November 23rd, 2010

Experts will tell you that the outsourcing vendor selection processes can be pretty complicated and also an emotional undertaking – that is, if you do not know how to approach it from the very beginning. Here are steps to help you select the right outsourcing vendor for your business. This guide will help you analyze your business needs, search for prospective vendors, pilot the team in choosing the winning vendor(s) and provide you with the knowledge on contract negotiations and effectively avoiding negotiation errors.
  1. a. Examine the Business Requirements
Before you start the whole process of gathering data or performing interviews, you should first assemble a team of individuals who sure have a vested interest in this kind of vendor selection process. The very first task that the outsourcing vendor selection team will need to carry out is to clearly define (in written form ..Continue reading.. »

How Can I Outsource Administrative Support Work?

November 22nd, 2010

These days, a lot of businesses have figured out the advantages of outsourcing their administrative support projects. Here are just a couple of the benefits one will get if one’s projects are effectively planned:
  • Reduces expenditure on wages, office equipment, and employee benefits.
  • Saves precious time and money on training.
  • Get assistance precisely when you need it.
  • Existing employees will spend less time on dealing with mundane tasks, so they can all apply their individual expertise to boosting the business.
But you need to understand that in order to take great advantage of these outsourcing advantages, you will need to first spend some time planning out precisely what you intend to achieve. How to Effectively Outsource an Administrative Support Work – The Basics One needs to know that a complete project planning exercise will need to be completed before ..Continue reading.. »

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