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Choosing an Outsourcing Country – Malaysia

August 26th, 2010

Malaysia is a nation known for its very attractive business environment, and up-to-date infrastructure and also for the strong support it gets from its government which in turn has made this country a rising outsourcing option to China and India. The Malaysian government has actually positioned Malaysia as a hub for world class technological innovation and services – which has made many top rated multinationals locate some of their global or regional business’ in this country. Malaysia is also a country that has a much more stable political climate (this is important) which is also effectively backed by regular economic growth which has also made this particular offshore outsourcing nation very attractive for sensitive, high-end uses in the banking and finance industry.

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Choosing A Country To Outsource To

August 26th, 2010

It is absolutely no secret that India is the country that comes straight to the mind when the word “outsourcing” is mentioned - there is even a new NBC television show titled “Outsourced”. The show is centered around a fictional company which has moved its customer service center to “India”.

When you choose to outsource, this will also mean sharing your business’ control and sometimes sensitive data with an outsourced firm. A lot of people simply see outsourcing as the best thing that has happened to the “business world”.Offshore outsourcing is known to assist in the effective use of resources, skills, investment and technology at an affordable rate. Well, according to the survey carried out by Goldman Sachs, since 2 ..Continue reading.. »

Outsourcing is Good for America – Seriously!

August 26th, 2010

Virtually everyone on the planet already knows that China has become a key importer of consumer and industrial goods. May be in a short time, India will do the same. Outsourcing has really stood the test of time.In the early 19th century, the US was actually a poor (yes, poor!) developing country. The European capital assisted in helping to finance the American railroads, canals and even helped to finance new factories while the labor force in the United States began to produce goods that successfully competed with European made goods.

Because the markets were quite open and also somewhat competitive, both the Americans and Europeans benefited immensely from this process. Thankfully, employment creation and economic development took pl ..Continue reading.. »

Choosing an Outsourcing Country – The Philippines

August 26th, 2010

Offshore outsourcing is known as the practice of employing the services of an outsourced firm to carryout a couple of business activities in a country other than the nation where the products and or services will be sold. Outsourcing has truly grown at a really fast pace, thanks to the development in the following:

·Modern satellite

·Internet technology

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Choosing an Outsourcing Country – China and India

August 26th, 2010

Let’s cut straight to the chase


Yes, it may seem unlikely but in the recent years, China is a nation that is fast becoming one of the top countries that supply offshore software outsourcing this is because of China’s incredible development rate. Even though India is presently the top leader in software outsourcing provider on the planet; right now, China is doing everything it possibly can in order to take over from India so that they can be the top leading player in software outsourcing. Some experts have even predicted that China will one day become one of the top three countries for outsourced software.

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Why Should I Use Outsourced Employees?

August 16th, 2010

Have you wondered why on earth you need to use outsourced employees? Or you are simply wondering when it is the right time to outsource? Well, the best time you should consider using outsourced employees is when you or your in-house employees really need to take out some quality time to clearly focus on very important business processes, other not-so-important but critical business functions can be successfully taken care of by the (reputable) outsourced company. So, a really good time to seriously think about outsourcing work is when you need to do the following:

·Gain access to world class professional services

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What Outsourced Telemarketers Can Offer You

August 16th, 2010

Most business owners are well aware of the fact that telemarketing is indeed one of the most affordable and professional ways of getting more business.

If you go on to outsource your telemarketing services, you will definitely notice that it is a successful way of connecting with lots and lots of prospective customers and client than you can meet one on one. Competent outsourced telemarketers offer successful lead generation and help boost the sales of goods and or services at a much more affordable price.

Here are top 2 ways an outsourced telemarketers can do for your business:

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Save Time and Money with Outsourced Virtual Assistants

August 16th, 2010

These days, the word outsourcing is viewed in a whole new light, maybe it’s because of the new NBC TV show “outsourced”. Well, you do not have to own a company that manufactures novelty goods in order to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing.

If you run a small or large business and you need to get certain tasks done, outsourced virtual assistants (also fondly referred to as VA’s) will be of great help to you.

Here are just some of the benefits that outsourced VA’s can offer you:

·They only charge you ONLY for the ..Continue reading.. »

Outsourced Customer Service – What You Need to Know

August 16th, 2010

It is definitely no secret that many businesses are outsourcing their customer services abroad - no wonder there is an NBC television series titled “outsourced”.

Many companies are beginning to invest in offshore call centers so as to take advantage of untapped labor. The great news is that you can successfully outsource your company’s customer service department as long as you know exactly what you are doing – simply follow the tested and trusted steps.

You need to understand that outsourced customer service employees will help reduce th ..Continue reading.. »

Outsourced Call Center Service – Good or Bad Idea?

August 16th, 2010

Of course it is a great idea to outsource your call center service! Before we go to the reasons why some people think that outsourced call centers are a bad idea, let’s first take a look at the benefits of outsourcing your call center service:

·You do not have to shell out money every couple of months in order to invest in the latest telecommunication systems. In case you do not know this, these equipments do not come cheap and I am sure you have other plans that need financing. The outsourced call center service worries about getting state of the art facilities and providing top quality service – your job is to expect results.

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