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October 28th, 2020


Several businesses may be heading towards hitting the rocks as the world is plagued by the global pandemic. However, outsourcing had proved to be a surer way to streamlining business operations for many organizations. Companies have been placed in tighter corners as to striving to excel with new marketing strategies. Every corporate entity would need to beat their rivals competitively and remain vibrant in operations.

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October 26th, 2020


Test-running your theory

It is not enough to state that a particular strategic plan is good. It is often tempting to envisage a smooth sailing ride and probably think of being ready. No strategic plan is said to be ready unless it passes a run test. That is when you can now go full steam ahead with the execution.

One might be heading towards failure if he or she did not test his plans to see how realizable it could turn out to be. This is the essence of the test. It guards against being deluded by ove ..Continue reading.. »


October 23rd, 2020

How to Actually Make Work-from-Home Work Effectively

Making remote work or work-from-home work effectively is very imperative since it appears companies will be operating this type of work model in a longer time. Even when things go back to normal, remote working may eventually become a work norm for many companies – at least partially in the meantime.

According to a company founder and CEO who has successfully moved their over 100 employees to remote work mode, ..Continue reading.. »

Top 3 Benefits Of Having A Remote Work Force

October 21st, 2020

Top 3 Benefits of Having a Remote Work Force

It is predicted that there may not be any conventional office in the next few decades. This prediction is making sense now more than ever before. This is because companies have learnt from the pandemic lockdown that employees can actually work from other spaces successfully without being present in a regular office space.

The good news is that working from home or remotely confers great benefits to an employer and even the employees. S ..Continue reading.. »

4 Sure-Fire Tricks To Make Consumers Ditch Their Favorite Brands And Patronize Your Business During A Recession

October 19th, 2020

4 Sure

Competition is stiffer during an economic recession, which is why a business should adopt every legit technique and trick to survive. While some consumers are loyal to certain brands and businesses, such loyalty may likely shift when tough times such as the one caused by the pandemic set in.

First, Understand what Characterizes a Period of Recession

Smart entrepreneurs know that certain elements are typical of a declining economy. These ..Continue reading.. »

Help Small Businesses Bounce Back After The Pandemic

October 16th, 2020

Help Small Businesses Bounce Back after the Pandemic

We know that both the small businesses and large companies have been severely affected by the pandemic. But, the small businesses may not have the wherewithal as the large companies to recover faster from this dilemma.

Let us not forget that small businesses constitute a significant force in the United States’ economy. The U.S. boasts of more than 27 million small businesses and these businesses account for about fifty percent of the nation’s GDP. So, when the small businesses nosedive, the ..Continue reading.. »

How To Ensure Your Business Is Patronized In Hard Times

October 14th, 2020

How to Ensure Your Business is Patronized In Hard Times

The hard times are here, they are not on the way. It’s time for businesses to tighten up their belts so that they can remain in business. What you do now will determine whether you’re business will stay afloat or sink completely. Patronage is key to remaining in business and overcoming the hard times. Keep reading to learn more.

Here are tips and tricks that would attract customers to your business ..Continue reading.. »

Step Up Your Marketing With Facebook Video Ads: Outsource To A Real Pro

October 12th, 2020

Step Up Your Marketing with Facebook Video Ads Outsource to a Real Pro

Marketing is going to be more competitive as the recession gets tougher. No doubts, the hard times are here, mostly blamed on the pandemic. But, the truth is that recession only entered a higher degree because of the pandemic, it has been around for a long time. Stepping up your marketing with Facebook ads can make the difference this season. It starts by outsourcing Facebook video ads to an expert.

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Smart Ways To Gain Advantage Over Your Competitors After The Lockdown

October 9th, 2020

Smart Ways to Gain Advantage Over Your Competitors After the Lockdown

Even before the crisis, smart entrepreneurs are constantly seeking out ways to beat the competition and be on the lead. Even in the present ugly situation, such entrepreneurs are rather viewing the whole situation from opportunists’ point of view and taking bold steps towards finding and seizing every possible opportunity.

To show how important competitive advantage is to any organization, CEOs outsource competitive advantage identification to ..Continue reading.. »

Experts’ Tips For Startups To Get Back On their Feet After A Crisis

October 7th, 2020

Experts’ Tips for Startups to Get Back on their Feet After a Crisis

The far-reaching effects of the pandemic are hitting hard on American entrepreneurs and their small businesses. In fact, this tends to be the trend all around the world since virtually all countries are affected by the pandemic. A recent report showed that approximately 8 million out of about 30 million small businesses in America are likely to shut down completely for several months.

You don’t have to despair, there’s still a ray of light a ..Continue reading.. »

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