Get Your Custom ‘Done For You’ Online Marketing Plan Today – Includes an In-Depth Personal Video Overview of YOUR plan, Recorded Just for You!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a pitch to sell you more information… We are inviting you to get your Custom ‘Done For You’ Marketing Plan… done for you by one of our Internet Marketing Specialists.

I know that after you take a few minutes to read about the ‘Done For You’ Custom Marketing Plan service you are going to want to purchase our custom Done For You Marketing plan and a guide for your web designer and virtual assistant to implement the strategy for you.

“Do you have a Marketing Plan?”

As a fellow entrepreneur I am sure you will agree that Marketing is the heartbeat of ANY business, so you would think that all business owners would have a marketing plan with details of how they are going to market their business… right?

Wrong! The majority of entrepreneurs and small business owners do not have a marketing plan, furthermore despite attending seminar after seminar, investing in marketing books, seminars, CD, software, the reality is that very few can put all the pieces together and come up with credible plan.

If you don’t have a Marketing plan, you're not alone… we find 90% of client who contact us do not have a marketing strategy.

SO… why don’t entrepreneurs have marketing plans? When we have asked clients this question some of the responses we receive are, ‘I don’t understanding marketing’, ‘I can’t afford a consultant’, ‘Marketing is too confusing’…

We realized we needed to create a solution for our clients!

“Knowledge + Action = Results”

NOW, there are a lot of people who can provide you with TON and TONS of information, and there are books such as the Dummies & Idiots Guide to Marketing… but unless you got into your business to be the marketer why spend all your time mastering Marketing?

Some people love Marketing, they were born to be a Marketer, however, most people simply want to run their business, provide a service… do what they are good at.

For many entrepreneurs the process of marketing, learning marketing literally zaps the life out of them. They struggle to run their business and eventually lose their passion.

Do what you love and have to do, delegate the rest to others!

“Marketing Since The Age of 15”

I have been marketing since the age of 15, I have learnt the Art of Marketing from legends and industry experts. I just don’t teach marketing, we use it every day for our businesses. I know one or two things about marketing, I don’t say this too brag, I only want to reinforce that I know one or two things about Marketing.

When I sat out to create a Done For You Marketing service, I needed to make sure it would deliver results. We reviewed several ways to help our clients, the solution had to be a win-win for everyone…

I wanted to come up with a practical win-win solution

“A Virtual Assistant is NOT a Consultant”

It never ceases to amaze us how many people hire a Virtual Assistant and then expect them to be their marketing consultant and magically drive traffic to their website.

A virtual assistant is a great asset to help implement your marketing plan, but they are not the best suited to create your marketing plan. Now many of our VAs can give suggestions, but it’s not realistic to hire a VA, and expect them to be your marketing manager.

Our marketing specialist is just that, a specialist! He will review your marketing needs, research your niche and keywords and make suggestions appropriate to you.

“A Custom Done For You Solution”

A few months ago I sat down with my team and we discussed this dilemma, how could we better help our clients market their business… the answer was staring us in the face… we are known as the DoRu’s, we just don’t teach, we do it for you… the answer when it came was obvious… we will hire our own marketing specialist to create custom done for you plans for YOU.

“Delegate Your Marketing”

That’s not all! In addition to creating a custom Done For You Marketing plan, we will also tell you what aspects of the plan you can delegate to your 123Employee agent and what aspects are better done by specialists such as a web design company, sales copy writer, graphics designer, etc.

“Comprehensive Plan For You”

Our Done For You Custom Marketing Plan is comprehensive, covering on page (website) suggestion, competitive analysis, social networking tips, social media strategy and much more.

Look at what you will receive as part of

YOUR Done For You Custom Marketing Plan

1. Custom Marketing Plan Video For YOU
2. Marketing Plan Overview (PDF)
3. Marketing Plan Action Steps (PDF)
4. Keyword Research Information
5. On Page Optimization Report
1. 123 Employee Resource Sheet (PDF)
2. 123 Employee Partners Sheet (PDF
3. Digital MAD Marketing Manual (ebook)

Details of Your Custom Marketing Plan:

1.Custom Marketing Plan Video Overview For YOU

Our specialist will record a ‘Custom Marketing Plan Video’ that will be an informative review of the plan created for you. The specialist will go over the content of your plan, details of the plan and any specific observations and suggestions. This is NOT a generic 5 minute video, it is a complete presentation created JUST FOR YOU!

2. Marketing Plan Overview

Your ‘Marketing Plan Overview’ document is a bird’s eye view of your customized plan. The overview will help understand the suggested strategy and help you and your virtual employee stay on track.

3. Marketing Plan Action Steps

The ‘Marketing Plan Action Step’ sheet will give you specific directions to implement your marketing plan. You can also share this with your virtual employee so he/she can do their part in implementing aspects of the marketing plan.

4. Keyword Research Information

Your ‘Keyword Research Information’ is a comprehensive analysis of keywords for your specific niche. The analysis is comprised of hours of research analyzing traffic flow and competition to give you the best keywords to use combined with your customized marketing plan.

5. On Page Optimization Report

The ‘On Page Optimization Report’ is in depth analysis of over 30 factors for your site and your top 10 competitors which will help you determine what actions need to be taken to enhance your results.


1. 123 Employee Resource Sheet

The ‘123Employee Resource Sheet’ is comprised of some of the top resources that we use, and we feel comfortable sharing with our clients. These are resources we have used and often are using for various aspects of our business.

2. 123 Employee Partners Sheet

The ‘123Employee Partners Sheet’ gives you direct access to our trusted friends and colleagues not to mention leaders in their industries.

3. Digital MAD Marketing Manual

The MAD Marketing Manual written by myself and Beejal Parmar contains over 50 years of marketing expertise. I consider it to be a marketing bible. In fact during Outsource Live! a certain Pirate tried to steal this treasure LOL.


Order Your Plan Today

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Custom Marketing Plan for only $497

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Terms & Conditions
Please review the following GUIDELINE so that we can deliver your plan as per your needs:
  • This plan is ONLY for one site/income stream, and as such the Custom Marketing Plan will be created ONLY for the site you submit.
  • The more information you provide the better.
  • The suggestions will be limited to the information you are able to provide
  • If you do not have a website, an on page analysis will not be done.


“Marketing Is Key”

I know marketing is KEY for any business, and as mentioned I have been marketing since the age of 15, I have helped hundreds of clients with their marketing, I am paid thousands by my personal coaching clients to help them with their businesses. I know our Done For You Custom Marketing plan is going to make a big difference for you.

And when you combine the Marketing Plan with the 123Employee service you have a fantastic winning combination that will help you achieve greater success.

Wishing You Much Success,

Daven Michaels

P.S. We realize not everyone needs a marketing plan. If you happen to have a marketing plan please ensure it includes a detail strategy for your virtual employee to follow.

P.S.S. If you find another ‘Done For You Marketing Plan’ service, please let us know, we have looked far and wide, and when we could not find one, we started our own!

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