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Blogging Secrets You Can Employ With Outsourcing

Blogging is one of the hottest ways to market your products and services on the Internet today. Over 60% of people searching for information on the web do so through blogs. That’s because they know the content is fresh, up to date and relevent to their needs. Blogs are also by nature very personal and entertaining. Blogs are used for promotion of services or ideas, so that they generally link to further resources where visitors can find a myriad of information. Is your company using its blog effectively?

There are many techniques to make your blog stand out from the others. The use of images and videos are typically underemployed by most bloggers and the proper use of keywords will help visitors and search engines find the blog easier. Posting every couple of days will keep your blog fresh and guarantee a good ranking in the searches. The use of tags keeps your blog connected with all of the other blogs on a particular network so visitors can click out to post after post like a chain link. This is easy stuff to do, but requires time… either by a staff member or virtual assistant. This is where outsourcing is the perfect solution.

For as little as $6.00 an hour you can have your own dedicated outsourced rep taking care of these blogging tasks for you. Blogs are an important way of communicating your products and services to a hungry public. An Internet savvy rep can not only get the job done and cut expensive labor costs, he has the secrets to effective blog management… the tools to make your blog stand out. And blogging is only the beginning of what your rep can do for your business.

Blogging can help your business grow. As it expands, an outsourced rep can help with call center tasks, desktop publishing, email management and dozens of other business duties that not only save you money, but help partner with your business to make it successful. How can blogging and other relationship building techniques expose your company to millions of people on the Internet? Look further into outsourcing for the answers.

Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

3 Responses to “Blogging Secrets You Can Employ With Outsourcing”

  1. Wow it’s great to know that Blogging can be outsource too.

    Fantastic DAVEN

  2. MIMI says:

    Absolutely true. My VA, of course from 123 Employee, made me my own Business Blog and it really amazes me that it could truly help upon making my products more visible for those computer savvy people. Ever since I have been attached with outsourcing it helps me a lot to learn new and valuable things. Now if YOU are reading this then I might as well also suggest you do the same. Outsource with 123 Employee and get more successful in no time!

  3. buckhamF says:

    Blog commenting…. try to make your comments more natural.. its so obvious that your just promoting your site.. just a tip though.. :)

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