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Hey there, Daven Michaels and today I’m coming to you from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Behind me is the historic Liberty Bell, a symbolic beacon of independence for the nation as well as the world. I want to share with you not an outsourcing lesson but a marketing lesson. You know at 123Employee we’re all about marketing and I want to share a 2-part lesson with you. If you just follow these two principles you’ll be ahead of about 95% of marketers, all people, all your competition. So, two things to know, one is that it’s all about your headline. If your headline shines the people will read your ad; and if doesn’t, then they’re going to leave you right away. They’re not going to look at your ad. Two, you always want to lead with the benefits followed with the features. 95% of all people out there that advertise, they lead with the features and follow with the benefits.

Let me explain. A feature is we’ve been in business for 20 years; we are the most solid company in the world. We offer high quality. We offer offices all throughout the nation. Those are features. Benefits are; what does it mean to me, what does it mean to your potential prospect? Save money, two for the price of one. We’re the only place in the world that makes this product, that kind of thing. What does it mean to me? You’ll sleep better tonight on our mattress. Your friends will think you are awesome driving this new car. Okay, these are benefits. Everybody always leads with the features and then they follow with the benefits. Nobody cares about that. Everybody cares about, “What does it mean to me? “ So remember this if you lead with the benefits, follow with the features. You will be ahead of 95% of all people that are advertising in your industry, and there you have it. Two very simple lessons but if you follow them, you’ll be way ahead of the game, way, way, way ahead of the game.

I know this is simple but it’s powerful and so if you will please, let me know what you thought of this quick little lesson. Just reply back to this email and give me a rating of 0 to 10. 10 of having the highest value for you and I’ll try to put some resources below when I get a chance. Until next time, this is Daven Michaels. I hope you’re living your true-life adventure. Bye for now.

2 Responses to “Clobber Your Competition”

  1. Jason Brown says:

    I agree 100% with you Daven. After living in Malaysia for almost two years, I can tell that the people are organized and very willing to move ahead; I am sure this country would be a serious contender in the outsourcing market in the near future. Jason

  2. Brenda Carter says:

    This is just fantastic! Now I can operate my online business even on my safari trip. Great one Daven. Brenda…

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