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Lead Capture Strategy 03



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Hey there, Daven Michaels, coming to you from Nice, France. This is Part III of our 3-part “Opt In” series. In Part I we told you and showed you why you would need an “Opt In” and how to create one. In Part 2 we showed you what to do with the data once you receive it and then in Part III, this part, we’re going to show you some power moves. I’m going to give you 3 power moves. The first one is: you’ll need to create a compelling offer or people will not “Opt In” to your list. You have to give them something they want, not something they need. This is an important distinction. People will only go for what they want. They don’t care about what they need, so give them a bunch of stuff that they want. We do that on our website, a ton of free gifts. You also need to know that unless the offer is incredibly compelling, if you just put it on the website, people still will not “Opt In” because people are tired of getting junk mail so you’ve got to do better than that.

Step 2, the second power move is creating a squeeze page. You need to squeeze them for information, so a squeeze page only has a limited amount of info. It just has maybe a video then it says put in your info to receive more information. That takes them to the main offer or the main website. That’s how you squeeze their info. Now, if you’re doing a paper clip campaign with Google, this isn’t going to fly. There are some ways to get around it. You have to have a lot of content on your website and so on and so forth. You can contact us for more details but be careful if you’re doing a paper clip campaign otherwise you have to squeeze people for their info. You have to make it mandatory that they put in more info to receive more info to continue on to the website. People don’t really like this but it works and this will allow you to collect the data you need.

The third power move is once you have their name and email, get more data, because if you have more data from them, you can market to them through multiple channels. We offer more gifts if they give us their phone number and their mailing address, and then we use this information to send direct mail as well as telemarketing calls. And there you go. That’s a multi-channel approach. Those are 3 awesome power moves for you. I hope this was helpful for you. Please answer back this email and give me a grade of 0 to 10, 10 being the most valuable to you. Until next time, this is Daven Michaels. I hope you’re living your true-life adventure. Bye for now.

2 Responses to “Lead Capture Strategy 03”

  1. charlie says:

    thankyou for this video! 😉

  2. Thanks Dave, I enjoyed the tips and I will get my squeeze page up
    since my optin box on my web site needs help.

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