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Offshore Outsourcing –Which Country Should You Outsource To? – Part 1

Offshore outsourcing is simply the practice of employing an external company to perform a couple of business tasks in a country other than the country where the goods or service will be consumed or sold. Outsourcing has really increased at a fast pace due to the improvement in modern satellite and internet technology, a much better connectivity and a steady search for very affordable labor in order to cut costs and achieve competitive advantage.

When a company outsources its back office business functions to less expensive nations such as India, China, Malaysia, Philippines, the company can really cut down on their labor costs and concentrate on their core competencies and make sure that they provide a much better customer satisfaction. Well, according to a recent report, United States firms have saved nearly 8 billion United States dollars through outsourcing to developing countries such as the Philippines. There are a lot of developing countries that act as offshore outsourcing destinations to nations that are already developed.

Some of the top four (4) nations that can be considered as the best offshore outsourcing destinations are:

  1. Philippines

One of the great things about the Philippines is its people. Yup! Philippines sure has a well educated English speaking labor force and really stands out as on of the world’s largest English speaking country. The commitment, attitude, education and community constitute the major competitive advantage particularly in the front office operations such as customer service and of course sales.

The Philippines is a country that boasts of a huge pool of really productive, multi-skilled and trainable work force. Most Filipino outsourcing companies only employ workers that are highly qualified for different outsourcing tasks. The Government support and Information Technology is a given. There are a lot of major companies that already carry out operations in the Philippines.

If you are searching for an offshore outsourcing firm that that will provide you with employees for work functions such as telemarketing which will be targeted at United States clients, you will of course require employees who speak not just basic English language but an impeccable one. Reputable outsourcing firms are known to hire only workers who will meet all your requirements for your telemarketing department. It is very important that people should be able to hear a telemarketer clearly so that they can fully understand a lot more about the type of product and or services offered by your company.

To be continued…

ImageHost.org Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

31 Responses to “Offshore Outsourcing –Which Country Should You Outsource To? – Part 1”

  1. Chris_09 says:

    You done it once again Daven great article!

  2. Rom says:

    Great Job!!! Congratulations Daven.

  3. Treb says:

    Nice article, I’ll be waiting for your next post Daven. I also love your video with Marshall Sylver…

  4. Oliver says:

    I totally agree with you Daven. Philippines is indeed one of the BEST country to choose from when it comes to outsourcing. Can’t wait to hear from you about the other three offshore outsourcing nations.

  5. jOy_ni_zam says:

    Good job, Daven it is a great article!
    I LOVE to work with 123Employee…the agents are so knowledgeable, kind, and humble to their clients!

  6. Hey Daven! This is great information. I never thought about outsourcing before but I will definitely consider using your services. What a great help for entrepreneurs like me! Looking forward to work with you and your company!

  7. Edward says:

    Well said Daven, good to hear that Philippines is a country that boasts of a huge pool of really productive, multi-skilled and trainable work force.

    Yeah! its thicken our hearts:)

    Strive for EXCELLENCE!:)

  8. Jasmine Bourmen says:

    Filipinos are such a great co-worker, We have lots of Filipinos here in our company, and they are so good with their work and very professional.

  9. maria_abelyn says:

    Yes! this is true, Phillipines is one of the best offshore outsourcing destination because Filipinos are really “Hardworking” people, they surely excel on every job they do.

  10. R_M says:

    Great job Daven! Nice article…

  11. Analie says:

    Awesome!Such a great idea..

  12. enoma says:

    Very cool. you’re really great Daven.

  13. Richard Dean says:

    Rock on 123Employee! I love the services…I wonder how you guys filter your employees? Man, they are all good!

  14. Cassandra Hann Quilos says:

    Exactly Daven!
    Filipinos are good enough for every businesses around the world.
    They are not just committed but also TEACHABLE.

    123Employees are awesome! Like you do Daven! Great video and great blog!
    Keep it up!

  15. Anastasia Nanah says:

    I would love to try outsourcing thank you so much Daven!

  16. Trishia says:

    Indeed Philippines has it all, specifically great people who are dedicated to their jobs.

  17. irene says:

    I agree!!!Filipinos possesses best work ethics among the entire top outsourcing countries in the world. I much prefer Philippines outsourcing for my copywriting needs. I always outsource my content creation. Thanks!

  18. aldy says:

    Philippines has its own best.. especially when it comes to work. Passion in doing so and keeping the job you liked most. Go! 123employee..

  19. Mayrose Shin says:

    Very well said! Filipinos are great people to work with, they’re nice and polite. I have lots of friends there in the Philippines through social networking sites they also did teach me how to speak in Tagalog. Lastly they’re hardworking people.

  20. Amanda Jars says:

    Keep it up Daven. Philippines is indeed a call center haven. And I totally agree that it’s worth working with these Filipinos.

  21. Alessana Lewis says:

    yeah! FILIPINO people are so good in speaking in english and also understand when it comes on work skills they are very hardworking people and friendly as well! this is absolutely fantastic!

  22. Psalm says:

    Thanks Daven for posting this article. It is really good to outsource in the Philippines. Filipinos are hardworking and kind.

  23. Sandra says:

    This is really true..! this is such a wonderful article Daven!

  24. Mel Gaspy Smith says:

    This is absolutely correct! Filipinos are known to be very dedicated for their jobs. They put their heart into it. They are so hospitable and kind. Those are just some reasons why Philippines is best of outsourcing business. Daven, you are definitely awesome. [“BOOKED MARKED”]

  25. bernie says:

    we are so thankful for the effort creating 123Employee, an outsourcing company who helped us a lot in a very affordable cost. More powers Daven….. 123 rocks……

  26. princess says:

    Nice article Daven..

  27. Tiburzz says:

    fantastic….good job!!!!

  28. Mary M. Verzosa says:

    Filipinos, really trying the best thing they could to help, learning new things and doing the best thing they could. Great blog Daven. More Filipinos will be proud of this. Thanks!

  29. MIMI says:

    I totally agree with you Daven, Philippines is at it’s best when it comes to Outsourcing. Perfect Article as well.

  30. Khy Stephen says:

    That’s why I admired Filipinos. They all have the skills, knowledge and attitude. Go for Philippines!

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