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Outsource and Improve Your Bottom-Line

You do not have to be an experienced business man or woman in order to consider outsourcing. As a new entrepreneur, do you know that you can double your income and also reduce your stress levels by one-third before the end of the year when you begin to outsource work? That is indeed a great incentive, don’t you think so?

Just think about it, outsourcing makes sense and those who don’t outsource the work may find that their business is not growing as much as they would like because of;

a.Lack of systems and procedures put in place – it is not uncommon for businesses not to have operational procedures put in place for other people to follow.

b.Poor planning – most business owners do not just plan ahead and allow others to do the work.

c.The “I can handle it myself ” syndrome – most times business owners clearly insist on handling everything themselves, even if there is someone else who can do it far better, cheaper and faster.

d.Poor preparation – a lot business owners are not organized enough to assign tasks to someone else.

A lot of business owners make it even harder on themselves by putting roadblocks in their own way in order to stop them from outsourcing! They convince themselves that:

a.They do not have the time to train outsourcing persons

b.They do not have enough cash to think of even hiring an outsourcing partner

But the truth is that these two roadblocks will be resolved as soon as business owners take care of the third roadblock which happens to be:

c.They have not developed a “criteria sheet” of what they would want they want the outsourcing partner to do for them.

The Tactics Used for Resolving the Roadblocks

·Business owners will need to clarify why outsourcing is really required for their business. For instance, they may want to reduce their long hours or maybe they might not be so good with numbers and will need someone to balance their books every quarter, etc

·As a business owner, you will need to confirm what area of your business you would love to outsource first. Experts recommend that you start with easy tasks such as bookkeeping.

·Make sure that you really commit to the time that will be needed to train them to complete outsourced tasks.

As soon as you start outsourcing to a competent and reliable firm, you will really be amazed at the many advantages and the increase in your bottom-line.

Daven Michaels

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