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Outsourcing – Success Tips Part 1

One needs to understand that outsourcing success really depends upon how well one manages the process before and of course after the outsourcing contract is signed. A lot of companies are known to award outsourcing contracts to the lowest bidder without taking some time to understand what it really means to the business and they also outsource without performing a complete vendor selection process. So when things start to go south, such as missed delivery dates, quality problems arise or awful customer service, the blame-game card is played and everyone start to run for cover.

Well, the following tips for successful outsourcing will sure help you make sure that your organization succeeds in outsourcing and that you will achieve desired results.

1. Make Sure That You Outsource for all The Right Reasons

When you take a bad business process and outsourcing, what you actually do is to make the problem a whole lot worse. Look, you have to understand that an outsourcing company should add great value to your business, but they should not in no way be relied upon to fix the issues that are inherent in your business. For instance, if your Information Technology (IT) department is regularly missing deadlines because the users keep changing their minds, when you outsource this function, this will surely result in much higher costs and higher of course higher levels of frustration.

2. Careful Vendor Selection Process

According to a recent outsourcing report, 35% of executives who responded said that they wished that they have taken more time on vendor selection and vendor evaluation before they signed an outsourcing contract. Let’s face it, most times outsourcing decisions can be a wee bit distorted by emotions and influenced also by company politics as well. A successful and thorough vendor selection process will help remove the emotions and also control the company politics as well.

3. Make it Measurable

Also, according to the same outsourcing report, 49% of the executives who responded said that they really should have defined the realistic service levels that go hand in hand with business objectives. If one does not take time to analyze and also define quality measures and or service levels, just think about, how on earth will he or she know if the outsourcing vendor that he or she has chosen is really performing up to his or her company’s standards, huh?!

To be continued…

ImageHost.org Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

26 Responses to “Outsourcing – Success Tips Part 1”

  1. Belle says:


  2. princess says:

    Nice article of Outsourcing -success tips DAven.I’ve learned a lot from you. :)

  3. mike nicolas says:

    Your posts on outsourcing have entertained for a while now, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the information that can be found here. Thank you for creating a place where entrepreneurs can find out more about outsourcing their business to grow!!!

  4. princess says:

    Great! I’ve learned a lot from you.Nice article Daven. :)

  5. R_M says:

    Great tips! looking forward for more tips…

  6. Czane Carnie says:

    Thanks for the tips Daven. It is one way and the most common reason to outsource is help us to cut the cost. I am looking forward to more tips to become successful in this field.


  7. Qwyncy Jaye says:

    Very informative one! thanks for the tips.

  8. R_M says:

    Very helpful tips for people who’s in the outsourcing industry!..

  9. Strife says:

    A Brilliant Idea!!! Thanks Daven I’m Appreciated this Wonderful “Outsourcing Success Tips”. This will help me and guide for my business. I’ve learned a lot from you and looking forward for more tips..

  10. Treb says:

    Nice article Daven! You are really helping out a lot of people who needs business coaching. You are really the Marketing DURU!!! Thanks for the post! Keep it coming…

  11. Kandice says:

    That’s the best thing outsourcing to have.Thank you Daven.

  12. katty_^meoaw^ says:

    Very brilliant..Every single detail really help us a lot..Just a good example..Keep up the good work Daven! I’m very happy reading your articles and looking forward to read another from you..

  13. Tiburzz says:

    Wow!!amazing…this is what I’m looking for…very interesting article..I’ll wait for the continuation…

  14. Wow by reading this article I felt like I can be a better businessman. I’m glad that someone like you Daven Michaels sharing the good things that came and passed in your life.

  15. Rizza Saints says:

    Without a doubt, an outsourcing vendor should add value to your business.

    Always in time–a saying to remember when you are planning to outsource..! You don’t want to missed deadlines…Being professional and always in time is a great asset that will make you succeed in this kind of business.

    How brilliant of you Daven on sharing this one!!

  16. maria_abelyn says:

    I really love reading articles with tips, and this is one of the best. All businessman should read this! I’ll wait for the next tips.

  17. Megan says:

    You’re such a good person Daven! You share lots of new information to us and thanks for that! Can’t wait for the 2nd part.

  18. Jc Etchosers says:

    Very Impressive Daven!

    No doubt you became successful in Outsourcing Industry. Yes, “Outsourcing success really depends upon how well one manages the process” it is true not only in Outsourcing but also in any type of business that you would like to deal with.

    Thanks for the info. I can’t wait to read the continuation of your article.

  19. MIMI says:

    The following tips for successful outsourcing will sure help you make sure that your organization succeeds in outsourcing and that you will achieve desired results.
    – DOUBLE LIKE!!!

  20. ,,I do believe that reading this article, gains new and more learnings

    ,well I could say that Business World is really evolving ,

    reading this article makes me more knowledgeable for the latest innovations in the world in business.

    Looking forward to read more about OUTSOURCING.

  21. nesie says:

    Awesome!Thanks for the tips!

  22. Daren Brent Veronn says:

    Indeed, it’s definitely rightful to say that outsourcing with the right moves and strategies done would make a business healthy and wealthy. I agree with you when you said that “outsourcing success really depends upon how well one manages the process before and of course after the outsourcing contract is signed”. Whatever would be the performance of the one that outsource for you should make an outcome that is most likely excellent. This is such an informative blog. I want to know more. Thanks for the information Daven.

  23. lou says:

    Another nice article. Thanks!

  24. Rich Witmer says:

    Cool.. Being transparent to the viewers / readers will really create “trust” to every customers.
    Great stuff Daven!

  25. Amber says:

    What an informative blog you have in here Daven. This a great help for individuals in the BPO industry. Two thumbs up for that.

  26. Jason Maran says:

    Good stuff Daven Keep up the great outpouring info.

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