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Paid Traffic Outsource Live!


Outsource Live US

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8 Responses to “Paid Traffic Outsource Live!”

  1. lf vargas says:

    Very informative and great to know that you have many an entrepreneur’s back covered.

  2. Hilary Hao says:

    Daven you’re gonna get the evola virus. lol! It’s good to see people living out their dreams and I wanna do the same. See you at outsource live this December.

    PS: No monkeys please!

  3. Janna says:

    😀 doesn’t it hurts? the monkey, his cute. Thanks for sharing this video Daven..

  4. Andrew Law says:

    wow, nice place.brilliant information.

  5. Valerie says:

    I love that you’re talking business with a monkey on your finger :)

  6. Amanda Taylor says:

    Traditional commercials are too expensive and I think outsourcing to an e-marketing firm is a good idea considering the volume of traffic that goes to and fro online every day.

  7. Juliet Shames says:

    It is best to build traffic slowly with methods that give you long term results.

  8. Socorro says:

    Hi Daven,
    I met you in LA Guerrilla Buisness. I want to be ready to start outsoursing in your company.

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