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The Concept of 1 Email – From Mt. Everest!

Hey there, it’s Daven Michaels and today I’m coming to you from the highest peak in the world. Behind me is Mount Everest, and I’m at Basecamp. And I want to speak to you for a moment about the concept of One Email.

What would your life be like if you only received one email per day. Think how productive you’d be! Think how much you’d get done and think how great your life would be, wouldn’t it? Because you know once you start checking your email, half your day is gone, isn’t it?

So I receive one email a day, and let me explain how this works. There are days that I receive a thousand emails from the outside world. I have my internal email, but from the outside world, there are days when I’ll receive a thousand emails, but I don’t check them. One of my assistants she checks them and she knows how to do it. She’s been doing it for a while, and 98% of those emails she can check on her own. The other 2%, if anything is timely and important, she’ll forward it to me right away, that’s usually two or three per week. And then if something is important but not timely, she’ll save that email and she’ll save all those emails, and she’ll consolidate them, and I receive one email a day.

Guess how long it takes me to respond to that email? Less than five minutes. It makes me way more productive, because we find that the way that our business grows is for me actually focusing on the big picture of our business- focusing on the income-generating activities.

So this is something you could do with your virtual assistant. All of our virtual assistants are trained on how to do this. To get more information simply go to our website (http://www.123employee.com). And until next time, this is Daven Michaels. I hope you’re living your true life adventure. Bye for now.

2 Responses to “The Concept of 1 Email – From Mt. Everest!”

  1. Michael Fernandez says:

    Wow! That’s amazing Daven! :-)

  2. Sheila Mendoza says:

    having a virtual assistant of 123 employee really helps businessmen to focus on their business whether it’s small or big.

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