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We Like to Have Fun!


I was bad at disco, I was really bad at rap…here’s your chance to see me be a total doofus in this video where I attempt to be ‘gangnam.’

(Hint: I’m the one in the hat).

if you must know, here’s how it all went down….

My VP, Beejal, came to me while I was in a stupor and said he wanted to do a Gangnam Style video featuring yours truly and the 123Employee staff. In my glazed and dazed fog, I said, “sure, whatever.”

I then proceeded to forget about.

Well…guess who quickly remembered?

A few days later when I landed in the Philippines, jet lagged and ripe, I walked into my office, and Beejal says, “Hey, bud, it’s all set. The entire staff’s onboard and we shoot the video in 5 hours!”

The Mountain Dew I was drinking shot out of my nose.

If you want to pee your pants, take pot shots at me, make fun of me behind my back (and who doesn’t?), then clickety click here…

Now, because you’re privy to one of the ‘unmentionable’ moments in my life, do me a big one. After you watch the video, show some love and leave a comment. (I’m know I’m opening up a can of worms here).


Daven “PSY” Michaels

PS: Parental Warning Advisory. Keep children at a safe distance when viewing this video. And please don’t try this at home. I’m a trained professional.

6 Responses to “We Like to Have Fun!”

  1. Peter says:

    this is great!first time to see whole team performing together..Thumbs up!

  2. Jesus Guevara says:

    The video I liked, I consider it very original to present our idea

  3. Alex Jones says:

    two thumbs up for this video..you are all good dancers hahahah…
    thanks for sharing I enjoyed watching

  4. Cameron A Bailey Sr says:

    Bond…..Daven Bond. Even better, that remind me of the Mike Myer’s movie as Austin Powers.

    Im not sure where your office is in the Philippines however, im looking to visit in summer and interested in learning what’s involved and is required to do what you’ve done.

    Groovey baby!

  5. I loved your video, i had a huge smile on my face through the whole thing, and still do, it was fabulous and looked like so much fun. Thankyou for all your sharings, i purchased your book ‘Outsource Smart’ and find it amazing. I don’t want to spoil the value available in this book by saying anything about it other than it’s a must-have, must-read.
    I long forward to more of your sharings and offers.
    Thankyou so much

  6. Mark Holmes says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video. You looks handsome, leading the team well. Well done you all.

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