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How The Philippines Overtook India In Call Centre’s

How The Philippines Overtook India In Call Centre’s

Reports   fielding   in   from   the   desks   of   experts   in   industrial   matters   had   it  the Philippines now ranks higher than India in the area of call centers and voice works. Around 2010 alone, Philippines made US$5.7 billion from some major cities of the world. India only made US$5.5 billion despite the fact that she leads in the overall outsourcing revenue where she gets US$70 billion. On the other hand, Philippines netted US$9 billion to rank number one as world leader in share services followed by Indians.   This   information   came   from   IBM   annual   report,   which   noted   Sri   Lanka another emerging outsourcing giant likely to take over from India.

One may still wonder what secret that elevated the Philippines to jump from zero call centers or outsourcing operations in the years back to now becoming the leader in outsourced voice related job.   Philippines’ rise in this industry may be attributed to sheer determination and luck, coupled with its governmental supports.  Certainly, history and government sustenance mattered here. This offered great lessons for the countries that look up to compete with India for outsourcing business, Sri Lank being an example.

There historical events coupled with encouraging economic measures/policies that saw them move astronomically and they are rightly stated below:

  • USA was the colonial master of Philippines from 1898 to 1946. As a result, it was easier for Philippines to imbibe the American culture and language. This strong bond between the two countries made it possible for so many Filipinos to live and integrate with Americans.
  • Philippines officials visited and studied captains and heads of industries in India.   On   their   return,   they   removed   some   existing   IT   bottlenecks.   They created   enabling   environments   through   drastic   tax   reductions   and   put   a speedy clearance permit for IT and other related equipment’s.
  • Philippines initiated a government-training programmer. In this initiative, the communication skills of almost 40,000 students were improved. The idea was to make the students fit to work in the industry. Meaning, India has stopped its tax   breaks   for   her   outsourcing   companies   since   2011.   Some   big   Indian outsourcing hubs do rely on power generations and run buses to carry their employees. This means that India not making it feasible for outsourcing to

Strife   well.   India   seems   unwelcoming   to   accommodate   the   ever-growing potentials of the market.

Notably, is the fact that a tax break for Indian outsourcing companies was decided to end   in   2011. The outsourcing companies in India are lobbying for an additional period. Big outsourcing companies operating in India still struggle with power related issues.   They   heavily   depend   on   diesel   generators   for sufficient   power   supplies. Every   year,   these   big   companies   spend   nearly   half   of   their   income   to   finance conveying their staff to work and back home. India is not giving a fair ground needed to   encourage   new   call   centers,   not   to   mention   BPO   and   other   established outsourcing operations.

Be it as it may, India still maintain her stature as a giant in industries as IT and software.   It is   then   certain   that   if   India   continues   non-encouraging   attitude, Philippines or Sri Lanka is in for total take over.

Daven Michaels is a New York Times Best Selling Author and CEO of premiere global outsourcing company, 123Employee. The company employs hundreds of young bright individuals on three continents. His International event, Beyond Marketing Live! Inspires entrepreneurs to build & grow their business with revolutionary new theories and systems allowing them to design the business and personal lifestyle of their dreams

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  1. Peter Legge says:

    People in the Philippines are really nice people. I remember my first holiday going to that country and I was so amazed with the real warmth and hospitality of it’s people…. they are really lovely people…

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