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10 Things To Look For In An Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing companies come in all shapes and sizes, from many different countries and at many varied pricing schemes. But there are some critical aspects that you should pay attention to if you want to get the most from your outsourcing company. Check it out:

1 ) Does your outsourcing company know it’s way around the web? In today’s business environment, a web presence is important to doing a global business. Internet savvy reps are a must!

2 ) Having your reps “Americanized” is very important to your clients. How heavy an accent does yourcurrent rep have? And do they clearly understand what expected from a Western style business?

3) Is your rep familiar with the way your company does business? A good outsourcing firm will take the time to get to know their client and their business style intimately.

4 ) Does your current outsourcing firm have Western style management? A reliable firm will have an American on staff to help with communication issues and problems as they arise.

5) Is there a way to keep track of your reps on the job? A reputable firm will have live cameras, recorded phone calls and reports that will keep track of their employees efficiency.

6 ) A proper infrastructure such as power, water and phone lines are something we take for granted in the West. A reliable outsourcing firm should be located in a country where this won’t be an issue.

7 ) Is your outsourced rep familiar with popular computer programs such as Word, Excel and other desktop publishing programs and communication systems? This is important in today’s business world.

8 ) Does your current outsourcing firm give you flexibility in payments and packages? You may need only part time help right now, but you’ll need to upgrade quickly and easily as your business grows without a hassle and extra penalty fees.

9 ) Does your outsourcing company keep up to date with their reps training? The Internet changes quickly. How do you know that your rep will have the cutting edge technology to stay on top?

10 ) Some outsourcing firms may only specialize in a couple of things such as call centers or billing services. But this is a small part of what you need to be successful. A good outsourcing firm will have available all the resources to grow your business at every level.

When searching for an outsourcing firm, all of these things should be addressed. Your firm should be a one stop shop of reliable help, technical know how, courteous employees and simple and easy payment plans that do what there are supposed to do…make your life easier.

Visit 123Employee.com where for less than $6.00 an hour, you can have your own dedicate rep that not only will help save your company time and money, but help grow your business. 123Employee has addressed all of your concerns about outsourcing. See how they can help you today.

ImageHost.org Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

11 Responses to “10 Things To Look For In An Outsourcing Company”

  1. Shaun_Landau says:

    This is really true! your reps must be a computer savvy and in for new applications, softwares that are essential for being Virtual Assistant!!

    I am really convinced!

    I might just have my personal VA here to help me out with my office works!

    Thanks for this…

  2. Trishia says:

    Great business!

  3. Fern says:

    Indeed! It’s one of the best things to achieve:)

    Great outsourcing!

  4. irene says:

    When deciding to outsource, making sure that your business remains profitable is one of the factor to be considered and i feel comfortable with 123Employee!

  5. Mikhael says:

    Great facility! When outsourcing facility is one of the core things you to look at. Thanks for the information. I will contact your team and sign up!

  6. what a great outsourcing..

  7. Andreah Park says:

    This is great. I should tell my boss about this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. arzel_21 says:

    Cool! Looking forward for having a personal Virtual Assistant.

  9. jocab86 says:

    Cool! I’m impressed. I’m planning to get a VA to do my stuffs.

  10. karen tan says:

    Yes, in choosing outsourcing companies.
    We need to consider with a good facilities, affordable
    and of course it has a quality service

    Thanks for the information Daven!

  11. Shou Sakai says:

    Very Nice

    I will talk to ma partner about this and we will see
    I we could get our personal Virtual Assistant

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