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How to Effectively Choose your outsourcing Partners

Most businesses are searching for ways to effectively cut down costs, especially with the present global financial crisis. One of the most important methods of doing this is to first identify very costly business processes and departments that incur much cost. When you have done this, a lot of managers identify bodies outside the company who can effectively do the required tasks at a much lower costs. This is simply referred to as “outsourcing” and it is the direct opposite of doing tasks in-house. In picking business partners who can are good at handling a company’s outsourcing needs, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Make sure that you identify requirements and motivation for a successful outsourcing partnership. This will often consist of cost-cutting and quality control measures.
  • Check out the options available on the market – you can do this by finding out what other companies have done in similar circumstances. This would of course give you a pretty good framework of what type of company you can expect to get the best results from.
  • Check out the industry players and figure out which outsourcing partners can really assist you in furthering your strategies and the type of value they could possibly add to your company or business.
  • Also try to run a quick background check on the prospective outsourcing partner(s). When you do this, you can easily find out the reputation of the outsourcing firm that you are considering.
  • You should also come up with your own standards for recognizing a good outsourcing partner based on your own outsourcing requirements. Choose the best method of getting a prospective outsourcing partner interested in your business. The general methods are bidding and tendering.
  • You can send signals to your potential outsourcing partners by using your preferred method of building interest in your outsourcing vacancy.
  • You should get the potential outsourcing partners to let you know the services they are capable of providing that you cannot provide in-house or even hire another outsourcing firm to provide.
  • You can match the professional background of each outsourcing partner against the standards that you have set. Select the most effective and efficient outsourcing partner and of course work with them.

When you choose an outsourcing partner, you will have more time to concentrate on your core business instead of having to deal with tasks that you are not particularly fond of.

ImageHost.org Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

11 Responses to “How to Effectively Choose your outsourcing Partners”

  1. MIMI says:

    Amazing tips!
    Thanks Daven you ROCK!

  2. Page Sylvestre says:

    This is true that managers find entities outside the firm to do the tasks in a lower cost which is called “outsourcing” and this is a big helped to entrepreneurs.

    I love your post Daven!

    Keep it up!

  3. mike nicolas says:

    Great post Daven. Thanks for this:)

  4. Nina says:

    Having an outsourcing partner can be difficult if you both don’t know how to handle each other. You must go with the flow or shall we say dance in the rhythm to make it very progressing as we all wanted it to be. Thanks for this post.

    Good Job!

  5. Czane Carmie says:

    Choosing the right outsourcing partner can be one of the most difficult tasks that business person face today. And Thanks Daven for making that task effortless for us. Thanks for the guidelines. :)

  6. Jc Kah says:

    You’re right Daven!

    Nowadays, you really need to choose an effective Outsourcing partner for your business to succeed.

    Excellent tips. Keep it up!

  7. melissa_27 says:

    For me, it’s better to have your partner in business that is effective..And this article really helps me a lot..Thanks Daven!

    Exceptional article..More power to you!

    Thanks a lot…

  8. che.... says:

    I agree that in choosing your future partner in business we should choose outsourcing business partner and we should be optimistic and practical,Because money is involved here. and in my own perspective money can make the world go round..

    Keep up the good work Daven..

    i always be your avid fan…

    God Bless.

  9. maria_abelyn says:

    “Also try to run a quick background check on the prospective outsourcing partner(s). When you do this, you can easily find out the reputation of the outsourcing firm that you are considering.”

    123Employee is one of the best example of outsourcing partner with great reputation.
    Lots of business owners, will have the satisfaction they need when they hired a 123Employee agent as a VA, I’ve seen their testimonials on youtube, you can watch it too, just type in “Outsourcing4business” on the search panel.

  10. aldy says:

    -good partnerships comes good BUSINESS!! ;)..

  11. Brian Marshall says:

    I find it ironic that you write a blog post about effectively choosing an outsource partner. I contacted your firm inquiring about va’s as well as agents for lead generation, as we are currently using another provider in the ph, but they do not offer part-time employees only full-time. Someone from your senior consulting staff was suppose to contact us today at a certain agreed upon time…..they did not, we had to call an hour later to speak w/someone.

    Is this how you run your operation? First impressions count, our first impression was less than desirable.

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