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Benefits of Outsourcing

Daven Michaels, 123Employee, Outsourcing in the Philippines, Offshore Outsourcing Services, Call Center Services, BPO Services Company, Call Center Services philippines, Philippine Call Center Services, Business Process Outsourcing Services, Outsourcing CompanyOutsourcing has become a necessary and highly sought-after aspect of most companies’ business operations. Outsourcing involves contracting out a business function, especially one that was previously done in-house, to an independent or external provider. Thus, it may involve two organizations entering into a contractual agreement that would necessitate an exchange of services as well as payments. There are several benefits of outsourcing.

Offshore outsourcing has also increased significantly. This is as a result of improved online technologies that allow the outsourcing company to run its services from virtually any part of the world. All elements of the project can be carried out remotely and delivered digitally. This provides a valuable scale of economy in delivering top quality services at comparatively reduced end-customer prices.

Here are some of the numerous benefits of outsourcing;

Cost Savings: the overall cost of business operations or activities is minimized. It entails scope reduction, re-pricing, quality levels definition, cost-restructuring, as well as re-negotiation.

Focus on Core Business Areas

When a company outsources some aspects of its operations and activities, resources are channeled towards developing the company’s core business. IT is one of the core areas of any business in the 21st century. Therefore, outsourcing this business area would mean channeling resource to the core aspect of the business.

Also, outsourcing some of your company’s business processes would enable key in-house employees to focus on their specialized areas rather than the multi-tasks they were previously involved in. This in return will enhance efficiency and improve the company’s competitive edge.

Operational Expertise: When a company embarks on outsourcing, it would have access to business operation best practices that would have been too complex or time consuming to handle in-house.

Liability Transfer: by outsourcing specific business processes or operations that are beyond its core competencies, an organization chooses to transfer that aspect of liability to the outsourcing service provider.

Enhancement of Capacity for Innovation: outsourcing is a great way to supplement inadequate in-house capacity. Thus, when a company uses external knowledge service increasingly, it achieves enhanced capacity for innovation.

Access to Talent: when a company embarks on business process outsourcing, it gains access to a larger talent pool, as well as benefit from a sustainable source of skills, especially in science, engineering and information technology.

Cost Restructuring: the operating leverage measure compares fixed costs to variable costs. So, when you outsource part or all your business processes, the balance of the ratio is altered as you experience a shift from fixed costs to variable costs. At the same time, variable costs become more predictable.

There are more benefits of outsourcing that a lot of companies have enjoyed over the years, and are still enjoying.

Daven Michaels is an award-winning outsourcer and author of the book, ‘Outsource This!’ Daven has been honored more than any other individual or outsourcing organization. You can get more information on outsourcing by visiting www.123Employee.com

15 Responses to “Benefits of Outsourcing”

  1. Jackie says:

    I believe absolutely in the power of outsourcing. Fine piece Daven.

  2. Phoebe Miles says:

    The difference in the value of the dollar in the Philippines and other big economies is really a great advantage and I think that is what has made outsourcing very attractive.

  3. Mark Sevilla says:

    Keep up the good work Daven. Outsourcing has indeed changed the face of business. Thanks for this!

  4. Kaylee says:

    Good information Daven.

  5. Ysabelle Yu says:

    Outsourcing, no doubt, is the key to the modern global business.

  6. Macey Manalo says:

    Thanks for this info Daven, very insightful

  7. andrea says:

    Great piece of advice for all intending to go into the outsourcing business.

  8. justin mercado says:

    1.I think the development and entry of other countries in Asia and Africa is good as it will keep the already established ones in the West on their toes. Great article Daven. Johnson.

  9. Excellent work! Business Outsourcing shows how it’s transforming the whole industries and changing the way we work.

  10. Quethana Noack says:

    Nice one Daven.

  11. krisha says:

    This is a good list but I believe there is more to it. I also run an outsourcing business, and I must confess, there are some rules never to be broken, or else as Daven said, you’ll live to regret it

  12. josh says:

    It is fullfillment for the viewers.

  13. Joymae says:

    A good approach Daven, thanks.

  14. joan says:

    1. BPO is definitely going to the next level and these one-time developing nations are really taking advantage of this. Wonderful piece Daven.

  15. aluna says:

    As a young entrepreneur, I would surely take advantage of this.

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