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Durian Stinks!!!


Daven Michaels, founder of 123Employee. I’m in the Philippines and as you can see, this porcupine-looking fruit in my hands is called a Durian. It’s a delicacy here in the Philippines. I personally can’t stand it because it stinks. As a matter of fact, you could seriously hurt somebody if you threw this at them. I’ve been told that if you find the right Durian it does actually taste delicious. I find this a little hard to believe so we’re going to go ahead and take it to the test. I have my Durian pickers here, my helpers, in finding me the perfect Durian: Darlene, Aubrey, and Lj. These are our team leaders from 123Employee. I also have a guinea pig, Beejal Parmer. Beejal will be eating the Durian today.

Okay, I’m about to test this out.

You can smell something good in there amongst the wretched stench.

Beejal takes a bite of the Durian.

And I rest my case. Durian sucks and all the people in the Philippines are doing too much crack. Would you agree?

It’s not as bad as Daven makes out but it is an acquired taste.

If it is then this is the acquired taste class.

Women in the group are laughing and saying they love it and that they’re waiting for it.

Bye for now.

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