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Services BPO – How To Start Your Own Company

Services BPO is an acronym which stands for business process outsourcing. It usually involves hiring a different company to carry out certain duties on behalf of the parent company. In most cases, businesses outsource the services that are considered non-core so that they can concentrate all their attention to the core functions which might include expansion of the business. The services BPO industry is fast expanding and it would be best for you to think of opening your very own services BPO Company. Below are a few steps to follow in order to get started.

The very first thing that you need to do before opening your very own Services BPO Company is to do a thorough market research. Decide on which services to offer the bigger companies. Ask yourself the type of business you want to start. Is it a sole proprietorship, a small company or a partnership? After you decide the type of company you want to start, then decide on the services that you want to be offering. Examples include financial and accounting services, IT services and Human Resources management services.

The second thing is to register your Services BPO Company. Most countries do not mind direct foreign investment in their countries. That means that foreigners can set up companies in other countries as well. The registration process should be as per the companies act in the specific country. The number of seats in the company, the physical location and the bandwidth required by the company are all required in the registration process. You will also be required to pay the registration fee after which you will get an operating license.

After you have acquired the operating license, you should now acquire the operating space, initial equipment which may include computers and other equipment. If the Services BPO Company you want to start will be offering IT services, then you will have to get the best computers as well as high internet connection. The initial cost might be high but soon after that the operation cost will be well within acceptable ranges.

Finally you need to hire staff members. Make sure that the staffs you hire are competent and up to the task ahead. If the company is an IT outsourcing company, the staff members should be IT specialist. This will ensure that the services being offered are of the highest quality.

Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

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