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Outsourcing – How Do I Start?

You have made up your mind to start outsourcing – well done!

You will quickly notice the positive impact that outsourcing will have on your business, and go on to wonder how on earth you ever managed without it. Outsourcing is very important; if you really want to grow a lucrative business you cannot do it all by yourself. It is time to build a network of competent individuals around you that you can outsource daily projects to.

But where do I start outsourcing?! For a couple of people, making up their minds which aspect(s) of their business they should or could outsource is pretty simple. To these people, it makes sense to decide which regular activities to outsource. But for some other people, they are absolutely clueless as to how to start the whole outsourcing process because there is no aspect of their business that stands out as being more easily outsourced than any other part of their business.

Start by keeping a log of your day – this way, you can identify what aspect of your business to outsource. Try your best to keep close track of your work activities each day, doing this for a week is ideal. It may seem rather difficult to start this, but it will help you save precious time in the long run. As soon as you have done this, just sit back and take a look at the time log. Then start to spot:

  1. Any task that you would really like to hand over.
  2. Tasks that could be done by another person.
  3. Tasks that in a perfect world, you would naturally hand over.

Say, for instance, you do not like doing the company accounts, or you wish that someone else can write your company’s articles, and press releases for your website. Make sure you highlight each time during the course of the week you spend doing the accounts or writing articles for your company’s website. You will be surprised at how much time you spend on tasks that are not even part of your core business. These tasks can be handed over to someone else to handle.

This is of course where you should start outsourcing, as soon as you start this process you will surly get totally hooked. You will begin to notice all the other things that you will need to delegate. So what are you waiting for?!

Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

6 Responses to “Outsourcing – How Do I Start?”

  1. Christina Dean says:

    Hey Daven! You’ve got great blog posts, they have great content. I have never outsourced before and have never even thought of getting my own virtual assistant but now I am having butterflies in my stomach…I am super excited of getting my own VA from the Philippines. I have so many “Pinay” friends here in LA and they are super nice, they have such a warm and great culture. And the best things is that I am hiring a VA from the best outsourcing company and the best outsourcing destination!


  2. mike nicolas says:

    Well what can I say more….I am on outsourcing and I am enjoying it..Love the 123employee services:)

  3. Todd Nuttall says:

    Wow I thought Daven was talking on me when he publish this article, I thought this this article is about me, funny isn’t it? But It is really true there are part of your business that you can’t do by all yourself or a part of it is you don’t want to do it, its because its a waste of time. this the very reasons why I Hired a Virtual Assistant and I have it from 123Employee. Thanks to Daven he’s the man with the great idea and solutions to your business problem. http://bit.ly/e2KGRw

  4. William says:

    Thanks for the tip! 😉

  5. MIMI says:

    This one’s for the yuppies when it comes for outsourcing and I must say that I have been there and have done that and I thank Daven for making my business successful because of outsourcing with 123 Employee. I will never get tired of saying my praise. This company deserves it.

  6. Adrae says:

    It’s not my first time to outsource so I know how to start, but still thanks for the additional tips. It helps a lot of the beginners who are wanting to outsource.

    Good Job!

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