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June 27th, 2014

Many new entrepreneurs assume that when they leave their jobs and start their own businesses they’ll be headed toward a life of relaxation from the start. They often discover just the opposite. Self-employment is anything but a paid vacation. It can be hard work, especially in the beginning.

The numbers of hours in a week is finite. Attention must be paid to scheduling a wide variety of essential tasks: administration, blog and article generation, email management and more. Some of the tasks required to run a business are related to operations while others generate income. If you skip steps you might delay your progress. Who said ..Continue reading.. »

Who Attends Live Events?

June 25th, 2014

 Live events: conferences, seminars and symposiums and the like all pack more bang than what might be perceived at face value. One of the secrets to their success has nothing to do with the programs, but instead is couched in attendance.

Who’s Who? On average, people who attend Live Events are more successful than people who don’t. Why? Because they continue to learn, and in a world where things continue to change at a rapid pace, keeping up on what’s current is vital. Attending Live Events allows you to connect with likeminded people who are like yourself, success-oriented. They believe, as you do, in the value of learning. Connecting with other knowledge-seekers will expand your ..Continue reading.. »

Entrepreneurs: Budgeting Time and Money

June 19th, 2014

Learning how to budget time and money and then sticking to that budget is important, whether you’re an entrepreneur or not. If you are an entrepreneur, they’re both as vital to your business as earning money. You could earn millions, but what would it matter if whatever comes in goes right back out? Not much.

Spending some of what you earn to run the business can’t be helped. But you want to hang onto some of the cash you generate, don’t you? If you don’t already do it, you’ll need to learn how to budget. Stashing a few dollars away is impossible unless you acquire this skill. There’s a trick to budgeting and once you learn it, you’ll benefi ..Continue reading.. »

Begin Your Business Today!

June 10th, 2014

Have you decided to run with one or more of those amazing ideas you’ve been coming up with? The road to entrepreneurship is wide open. Begin now! As long as you follow a plan of action with clearly defined steps, you stand a better chance than ever of succeeding.

The first step of a potentially successful entrepreneur is to identify the need for a product or service and attempt to fill it. The next steps are to market yourself effectively so that your business becomes familiar to potential clients. That’s the challenging part for a lot o ..Continue reading.. »

Successful Outsourcing Begins with Effective Management

May 28th, 2014

Are you ready to free yourself from the monumental task of executing day to day tasks associated with running your business? Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in realizing the freedom you’ve been striving for—and weren’t personal and financial freedom two reasons you started a business in the first place?

The new-found freedom you experience by outsourcing tasks will allow you to spend more of your days doing things that really matter to you, such as spending time with family and friends, and also coming up with new id ..Continue reading.. »

Beyond Tweeting: Use Twitter Search Functions to Generate Targeted Conversations

May 16th, 2014

Many entrepreneurs and businesspeople who consider themselves to be social media-savvy aren’t aware they’re missing the boat—a very BIG boat that leads to financial success. Are you one of these people? Let’s find out. You may be all over Facebook and well represented on LinkedIn. That’s good, but only part of the picture. If you don’t also use Twitter as a marketing tool in an ever-growing digital marketplace, you’re not only missing that boat, but guaranteed, you’re competition will be ready to board at the next port and sail off into the sunset with your clients. Character is Everything Using Twitter to grow a following is a matter of chara ..Continue reading.. »

Three Step Formula for Filling Events

May 9th, 2014

Cultivating a positive image in the marketplace takes a lot of effort. It can also take a long time. How long will depend on the strategies you choose to implement and the consistency with which you set them in motion.

We all know that people do business with people they know, like and trust. Marketing is the process we use to be sure that happens. Prospects will need to be exposed to your business a few times in order to feel comfortable using your services or buying products. Event marketing will speed up the process and will also create a firm foundation for brand awareness.

At ..Continue reading.. »

Are All Social Media Sites Created Equal?

April 28th, 2014

Do all social media sites have the same benefits? Although some people think so, they are not. Every social media site has its own special purpose.

Facebook is meant to help you share who you are on a personal level with people. But don’t think for even a minute it isn’t essential for business success. Friendships are built and alliances made because of this tool.

Twitter is a little different. This social media platform allows for short, blips of conversation—144 characters worth. It helps you get the word out about going on, events and new product promotion. Blogs are online journals that give you the opportunity ..Continue reading.. »

Focus on Content Creation and Allow Your Membership Site to do The Heavy Lifting

April 21st, 2014

Many entrepreneurs fuel their ideas by developing services and/or with product creation. They put a lot of time and hard work into making their businesses viable. What’s viability without profitability?  A great way to give your business a financial boost is to start a membership site. You’ll not only bring prospects right into your back yard, you’ll also gently close the gate behind them by giving them a reason to stick around awhile.

What Exactly is a Membership Site? A membership site is a private website that allows access only to members who voluntarily sign up. There’s usually a ..Continue reading.. »

Is Your Business At The Right Place to Consider Outsourcing?

April 1st, 2014

If you know anything at all about outsourcing, you’re probably a mile ahead of many businesses who’ve heard about it but are not really sure what it means. There are a couple of points that bear discussing.

Point Number One: Outsourcing means different things to different businesses.

Point Number Two: Every business can benefit from some form of outsourcing.

You may be able to manage a heavy schedule or multitask efficiently, but if you want to reach a high degree of success in your business and live your true life adventure, there’s no way you can do everythin ..Continue reading.. »

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