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Speakers – Have Your VA Get You On Stages

Hey there Daven Michaels founder of 123Employee living my true life adventure all over the world. Today I am in Kiev and it is a beautiful day here. Of course this is in the Ukraine. I want to chat with you for a moment about a great vehicle for building your business and that is speaking publicly. You know 95% of all people do not feel comfortable speaking publicly and that is why only 5% do incredibly well speaking publicly. But you know actually its the highest paid profession. It is my honor that I actually get a chance to travel all over the world and speak that is why I am coming to you today from Kiev.

It is amazing it has changed my life it has changed our business. The face of our business is totally changed. We have been able to have triple digit annual growth and a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am the spokesperson for the company travelling all over the world. So if you are interested in speaking or maybe you are doing it currently or maybe you are interested and you are scared crazy. I wont say the word. What I want to do is I want to encourage you to do it. If you are not currently doing it if you want to do it go for it! Speaking publicly is incredible. It is so gratifying I love it.

I mean when I see peoples eyes light up and they get it. It is just amazing to me. For me I always wanted to travel to teach to inspire to make a difference and now I actually get to do it. Ok so what is the point of this video? Well did you know that an Outsource Virtual Assistant can get you regular speaking gigs? That is how we do it at 123Employee.

That is why I am booked on stages all over the world cause my virtual assistants they call out. I tell them the type of businesses or groups that I want to speak to the associations and so on so forth. They find those events they find those companies then they contact them and they schedule meetings for my other assistant my US assistant. I have a US assistant and I have an overseas assistant. They schedule the appointments with my US assistant and then my US assistants time is spent only on cash calls.

Speaking to people about booking me live and then I travel out and do the event. It is awesome and if you are thinking about speaking I would make it happen and then use our virtual assistants to do these. If you are currently a speaker why not triple your growth in your business. It is amazing. All right so that is my tip for the day coming to you from Kiev. I am Daven Michaels. Thanks for watching.

One Response to “Speakers – Have Your VA Get You On Stages”

  1. Barbara Wyrick says:

    Creative and easy to understand, good job Daven!! Thumbs up and I like all your videos!!!

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