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Travel Tip From Paris France – Hotels

Hey there Daven Michaels founder of 123Employee and today I am coming to you from Paris. You can hear the bells of  Notre Dame in the background. We often query you to find out what it is that you want in your life. What is your dream your life your dream business. Because at 123Employee you know we are all about helping you with your busy work in your marketing but more importantly we are really trying to help you get your time back and your life back. Many of you want to travel the world run your business from a laptop and a cell phone like I do.

Living the laptop lifestyle. So from time to time I will give you tips on how best to do that. If you are going to travel the world like I do you have got to keep your expenses down. You still want to travel in style but if you are always on the road you definitely want to keep your cost down. Here are a couple of tips for you. When I book my hotels and my flights we start with Kayak because Kayak surveys a numerous different travel sights of finding the best deal. Kayak works pretty well for us for hotel and then we use it as a starting point for airfare. I have some other criteria because I like to fly in business and first class so we will get into that another day. And then also I like to book hotels on hotels.com and the reason I like it is because every 10 gets you a free stay.

Every 10 stays gets you a free stay. So rather than being with 20 different reward programs with 20 different hotel chains you use hotels.com every time and every 10th visit is free. And that is pretty cool. And a little known secret is that if you book over 25 nights a year which I do they give you a special black card a special account and with that account you are assigned a 24 hour concierge so you get the best deals and you get somebody that is available all the time without any waiting. The downside of hotels.com is that their cancellation policy is not good. So make sure you check it out before you make your bookings. Okay so there are some travel tips for today I will have more for you in the future. Until next time this is Daven Michaels. I hope you are living your true life adventure. Until next time.

One Response to “Travel Tip From Paris France – Hotels”

  1. Phoebe Swift says:

    Great video…now it all makes sense. Thanks for sharing it Daven Michaels!!!

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