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The Philippines – A Great Outsourcing Destination?

It is no secret that the Philippines is a globally recognized outsourcing destination. The reasons are that there are no language barriers, you get highly skilled workers, and of course, low rates. India has dominated the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry for a really long time. But there is a new player in the game that has raised the bar for BPO standards.

Like a lot of other Asian countries, the Philippines offer low rates for very skilled professionals – which happen to be one of the core reasons for outsourcing in the first place. Sure, India has been the premier outsourcing destination for a pretty long time and China is now entering the outsourcing field. The Philippines sure have distinctive advantages over the other outsourcing countries in Asia because the outsourcing firms in the Philippines are very familiar with the American culture – this is the reason why a lot of call centers for United States based companies are in this country. This country was colonized by the Americans for quite a number of years. The educational system in the Philippines is patterned after the American educational system – that explains the reason  Filipinos really understand the American culture and work ethics. Filipinos write English and communicate like typical Americans.

It is true that in the early years of the new millennium there was a lot of speculations from (certain quarters) whether or not the Philippines can actually become a major player in the Business Process Outsourcing field. Now, the Philippines BPO industry has grown to a 3 billion dollar industry and it is still growing. According to a Goldman Sachs report the rate of development of the BPO industry in the Philippines has really been very impressive. It is really clear that the Philippines has stamped its presence on the global outsourcing map.

Presently outsourcing firms and their branches are springing up from the country’s capital to various parts of the country. The expansion is not as a result of the increase in demand of phone call centers, but also other complicated and highly skilled services such as:

  1. Website design
  2. Software development
  3. Medical transcription
  4. SEO services
  5. Animation
  6. Legal services, etc.
If you are searching for an outsourcing destination where you are sure that the workers will not have any trouble understanding you and you will also get great value for your money, then the Philippines is a great outsourcing destination for you.

Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

23 Responses to “The Philippines – A Great Outsourcing Destination?”

  1. Mika Elle says:

    Hey Daven!
    This is my first time to ever comment on your blog post although I have been very interested and eager to read ’em everyday.
    Anyhow, I admire all your ideas and it helps me become more confident in building my own business,
    knowing that there’s help out there..
    I will definitely use your outsourcing company when I get my own Virtual Assistant to help me with my needs. Especially that my business is a newbie.
    Looking forward to work with you in 6 months!


  2. MIMI says:

    I will never get tired of posting my comment in all your blog post Daven. :)

  3. mike nicolas says:

    another great post Daven. i never regretted hiring a virtual assistant from your outsourcing firm. I am planning to hire another one next month for my new business.. Thanks for the great service!

  4. NiNa says:

    Philippines, the great!

  5. sheela mae says:

    Great job Daven it was really a wonderful experienced having outsourcing in the Philippines. I will tell some of my friends about it.

  6. Ivory Sache says:

    Filipinos are honest and dedicated workers too! I know a lot of Filipinos here at CA and they are just awesome! I am not surprise why they are highly recommended when it comes to outsourcing!

    Way to go Daven! I would love to hear more blogs like this! I am so happy having my VA at 123employee.

  7. Jc Cooker says:

    Thanks for the information.

    Indeed, Philippines is a great outsourcing destination. I must say I was impressed by what I saw in the Philippines during my last visit, high speed broadband and a horde of highly skilled people…very impressive!

  8. Tony says:

    Hey daven!!!

    You Have the Brilliant mind, you made a solution to make life getting more easier. ^_^

    Good Job!!

  9. Bert-O says:

    Great post Daven. You are really an inspiration to us.

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  11. April says:

    very true! i love working with Filipinos!..nice post Daven!= )

  12. kaye says:

    Hello there!Is this really how outsourcing works?Wow,Amazing!!!Indeed its very helpful for us,especially for us small businessman.That there is a company who aims to lend there hands with a cheaper price!!! I’m looking forward in doing business with this company….

  13. Rey says:

    Hi Daven!

    The content of this blog only shows that the reason why call centers boom in the Philippines is not just because its cheaper here but also because of good and hardworking people that american companies know would be a big asset to make there business grow in no time. I enjoyed reading this post and hopefully work with you someday!

  14. danilleNS =) says:

    it’s been a couple of years when you started to introduce the outsourcing in the Philippines and it only shows that Filipinos are highly skilled professionals in terms of “OUTSOURCING”. When I hired one of your VA I am very satisfied of the work than I thought. Thanks Daven for introducing to us in OUTSOURCING in the Philippines!

  15. danilleNS =) says:

    Thanks Daven for introducing to us in OUTSOURCING in the Philippines!

  16. Todd Nuttall says:

    I do really agree with this posted article that Daven’s published. That’s why I choose 123Employee as I heard it from many reliable testimonials.

  17. Kevin Davis says:

    You will never go wrong if you will get a Filipino Virtual assistant. I heard lot of positive feedback from my friends who already have their hardworking Filipino VAs..

  18. MIMI says:

    I’m not surprise about all of these comments. You and the Philippines deserve it Daven! :)

  19. William says:

    The Philippines is a low-cost outsourcing destination with large-scale availability of talent, excellent English language skills, and a culture that is very compatible with those of Western countries.

  20. Tiburz says:

    yeah right, satisfaction really is guaranteed!wooo! Daven you really rock….

  21. Sonora Lawson says:

    You are right Daven! We are investing or paying lower rates to our employees in the Philippines yet we received fantastic and excellent performance from them!

  22. Heather says:

    I agree! I like this blog!Thanks Daven.

  23. magnolia D. says:

    great job Daven!Filipinos are really impressive in terms on their output and they are hard workers,my V.A was really a great help in my firm.thumbs up on you guys:)

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