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What Are the Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

These days, people talk about outsourcing. A lot of people say that it saves you money and precious time. Is this really true? Let’s take a look:

Virtual assistants only charge for the specific time that they have worked.

Virtual assistants will only use their own equipment

You do not have to worry about paying sick pay, employment insurance, worker’s compensation, employment insurance, or retirement plans.

You do not have to pay agency fees. Temping agencies are known to charge an agency fee to be able to work with them.

You can also benefit from time zone advantage, your virtual assistant is working for you while you are sleeping.

You do not have to think about paying training expenses for specialized skills because virtual assistants are already qualified.

Here are a couple of the tasks you can delegate to your virtual assistant:

a.A virtual assistant can go to your company’s website and add press pages to it, every website should of course have a press page. A virtual assistant can even create a press page and also add links to articles that feature your company on a daily or regular basis.

b.A virtual assistant can post your company’s video on the internet (on YouTube). Yes, YouTube is known to reach over one billion views per day. You would agree that it sure makes a lot of sense that your company’s video get posted online and get advertised on YouTube.  A virtual assistant can help:
Set up an account for you
Post your company’s videos
Send out links on Twitter and Facebook
Embed the videos to your company’s website

c.Assists you in distributing your company’s articles and press releases on various directories. It is very pertinent to write articles and press releases regularly. But, it is also very important that these articles and press releases are distributed to people who actually read them. A virtual assistant can distribute them to different directories on the internet.

d.Help to translate your company’s website. Are your doing business with a lot of clients who do not speak English (which happens to be a universal language)? There are virtual assistants who are multilingual and can easily translate your website into different languages. Okay, they may not be certified translators, but they can also offer the same quality for a very pocket-friendly price.

ImageHost.org Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

8 Responses to “What Are the Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?”

  1. MIMI says:

    All true. Way to go 123Employee…!

  2. Susan Foxx says:

    It saved me time and money when I got my first virtual assistant here at 123. He was very helpful and so communicative.

    I love 123employee….

    Thank you so much!

  3. Madison says:

    Yes, I agree. I am working with a virtual assistant from 123Employee in the Philippines for about a year and so far our relationship has grown and I could not ask for more.

    If you are looking for an outsourcing company, 123Employee is the best choice and they have the best outsourcing location.


  4. Lilly Morris says:

    thank you for posting this information, now the company and I have an idea on what are the possible task that we give to our future Virtual Assistant.

  5. Lola Arnolds says:

    Great information Daven!

    Thanks… I will contact your company early next month.

    Please keep the informative blogs comming.

  6. Wow.. I never knew that the Philippines is great outsourcing company.
    Thanks for the information.
    I will get my very own virtual assistant soon, I am launching a website and will definitely need internet marketing.

  7. Lily Austin says:

    I love your company. I have been getting information from the email.
    I will definitely get my own Virtual Assistant and I’m glad that the Philippines is the best outsourcing location and 123Employee is the best outsourcing company.

  8. Daren Blood says:

    This is nice to our Company in the near future. This will help us to our business and Task. 123Employee is the Best Outsourcing Company in the World of Internet Marketing.

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