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Which Country is The Most Preferred Outsourcing Country – A Look At India

When one outsources, this simply means the sharing of your company’s control and (sometimes) sensitive information with another firm. Outsourcing is regarded by a lot of people as the best thing since slice bread. Offshore outsourcing is known to facilitate the effective use of capital, skill set, resources, and technology at an affordable cost. According to Goldman Sachs survey, since the year 2001, between 400,000 and 60,000 service division work have been moved overseas. That particular number is expected to rise in future.

Almost any person can outsource whether it is a big, medium or even small business. Any task that is related to web development, web design, B2C, BPO, manufacturing units etc can be effectively outsourced. When you outsource, what you typically get is a competitive edge without investing in infrastructure. Outsourcing is really the best option when business owners tend to lose focus on the main issues while they are getting tied down by the minor yet necessary business facts. Countries that are known for their competitive advantage are truly the best outsourcing nations, countries such as:

  • Philippines

  • India

  • China

  • Singapore

  • Malaysia

  • Czech Republic

  • Brazil

  • Canada

  • Kenya

  • Poland etc

India is one outsourcing country that is well known for its outsourcing industries, in fact some Hollywood and Bollywood movies have featured characters who worked in outsourcing companies. India is the number one outsourcing country that most companies run to when they are looking to outsource Information Technology tasks. India sure stands to have a competitive edge over others because they have the following attributes:

  • Impeccable English language speaking skills

  • Information technical skills are at its peak

  • Much more skilled labor force at more competitive rates

  • High speed communication mechanism has really encouraged overseas outsourcing

  • Improves the overall productivity rate

  • Flexible when it comes to legal matters

  • Encourages really remarkable advantages in terms of quick delivery

  • Increases the overall competence of business activities

As the competition among offshore outsourcing countries increase and opportunities spread, the need arises for CEO’s to reflect on issues which range from geological risks of compensation costs in quantity and of course quality of human resource expertise for helping to maintain goodwill in the long run.

It is important to understand that when you are outsourcing that time is of the essence and discretion is the flavour of mutual benefits for both parties involved.

ImageHost.org Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

11 Responses to “Which Country is The Most Preferred Outsourcing Country – A Look At India”

  1. Rryvhin Zamora says:

    Great! India is now a developing to an Outsourcing business!
    Philippines, Indeed, a great Country to Outsource.

  2. Rryvhin Zamora says:

    Great! India is now developing to an Outsourcing business!
    Philippines, Indeed, a great Country to Outsource.

  3. Treb says:

    Wow!!! I never knew this one! All the time I was thinking that the Philippines is the number Preferred Outsourcing Country… Now I know… Thanks Daven… I learned something new…

  4. MIMI says:

    I totally agree, My VA is from 123Employee and she’s definitely a filipino.
    Way to go Philippines!
    You Rock Daven! A million thanks again!

  5. Philippines is the only English speaking country in Asia. One of the best outsourcing countries!

  6. nesie says:

    Outsourcing SEO in the Philippines over other neighboring countries is not only a practical choice but a less risky form of investment. With thousands of scammers online, it is only imperative that you take extra-caution in choosing the SEO company you work with. The Philippines, while it is not totally free from fraudulent SEO companies, is by far the safest outsourcing hub in Asia.
    Philippines is still the best!Thanks Daven :)

  7. maria_abelyn says:

    The qualities that India have, being the number one outsourcing country, the Philippines have them too.

  8. Abigail says:

    Well I think the Philippines is best outsourcing country, since people there can speak English fluently and they have the initiative regarding their works.

  9. Yogi Vedd says:

    Dear Readers,

    Good to know there is competition out there for outsourcing deals.

    Only concerns I have for India and phillipines is the weather conditions that knock out the power lines and causes injures to people. Without power it is difficult to operate but I know many have power generators to power up local equipment.

    Only major concerns then are tight deadlines one has to meet for various launches. I have not yet heard of any back up plans when disaster strikes in those countries.

    What is the lead turnaround time between Indian companies and phillipine companies when it comes to turnaround of tasks.

    Vietnam has great talent too that is why Microsoft has invested money in software development and testing. Need to check out how they perform too.

    For now I will use Software tools that are far more time saving and cuts my worries despite me taking the time to do this, I remain in control so I can adapt to my own time and schedules of working.

    Is that not what we all strive for? Software that does the marketing on Autopilot and works faster and costs very little.

    Want to know more than join me on Twitter or Facebook. Hey this will help those outsource workers too to cut their time and labour to help others specially women in Asia who struggle for time to mange work life balance.

    Head over to join me on Twitter,
    Facebook page is http://www.facebook/yogesh.vedd

    Also, you should now focus on Video and Mobile marketing strategies. Learn why? Want to know more, join and become a folllower.

    Best wishes for the year 2011 to all,
    Yogi Vedd
    Facebook page is http://www.facebook/yogesh.vedd

  10. Jc Speaks says:

    You are right Daven!

    I got an outsourcing partner from Philippines and they are EXCELLENT! I am very confident that Philippines will beat India when it comes to outsourcing. I have nothing more to say.

  11. Here in the Philippines the industry is seen to be still developing, with different call centers leading the way. With less expensive operational, labor costs, and English language manpower makes us number one.

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