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Call To The Philippines Part 3- Benefits

The Philippines is fast becoming a hot spot of the business process outsourcing companies. Many companies are setting up call centers in the Philippines. So far there are nearly 800 call centers which are located in this country. But what makes Call to the Philippines business so successful and easy to start? The answer to that is very simple. The Philippines has all the available resources to start a Call to the Philippines company. There is ready and cheap labor which is not the case with most of the so called developed countries. The cost of labor in the Philippines is cheaper as compared to the cost of labor in the more technologically advanced countries. Hence starting a Call to the Philippines business saves the big companies thousands and at times millions of dollars.

The industry in the Philippines is the second largest in the world. It comes second to India which has the largest call center industry in the world. The services they offer include answering calls from someone who is on the other side of the world and offering support services such as email and chat response. The best thing about the Call to the Philippines centers is that they offer round the clock services. Hence it does not matter where you are in the globe. Your call or your chat message will be replied in a timely manner.

When the Call to the Philippines industry began booming, the unemployment rate in the Philippines reduced drastically. The companies started hiring a lot of people at a go and this is what led to a decline in the unemployment rates. Most of the companies have pitched camp in Manil, the capital, but study has shown that talent is not only limited to the city. That is why some of the companies moved to the provinces in their bid to bring the jobs closer to the people.

The greatest advantage of outsourcing services in the Philippines is the cost. The cost of labor is relatively cheap compared to the other first world countries. Hence when a company outsources its non-core services to the Philippines, it has the chance to concentrate on its main objectives. The industry has also raked millions to the government in the Philippines and the government is working out laws aimed at protecting the people who work in the Call to the Philippine centers.

Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

4 Responses to “Call To The Philippines Part 3- Benefits”

  1. Psalm says:

    You’re right Daven… Outsourcing in the Philippines cost you less compared to other first world countries. I’ve been doing this in the Philippines for more than a year now and planning to stay long. Working with Filipinos is really AWESOME!

  2. Todd Nuttall says:

    Actually I want to put up a call center also at the Philippines, but that’s only a plan for now. any way thanks Daven for this article, I hope you have an article on how to put up a call center, so I can have an overview before I pursue the plan I was keeping.

  3. Che says:

    Absolutely right Daven,Yesterday is good,Today is better and us we reached further for the future we’re really hoping for the best.As the years passed by I think Philippines would be putted at the top who have the best outsourcing companies in the entire globe. One thing for sure, that Filipinos known for being one of a hard working people.We make sure that we satisfied our boss regarding with the task they want us to do. We’ve been paid 4 times cheaper compare to the other country. But still we do our job trough blood and sweat.Thank you Daven,It is one way of uplifting the the status of all Filipinos, one way of adding pride of our country’s name.Stay cool:) and have a great day…

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