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Daven Michaels founder of 123Employee. Today I’m coming from the hustling, bustling Philippines and I’m just a few blocks away from Campus 3, our third center in the Philippines. There’s one thing that we have in this city that is unique from any other city in the Philippines and that is Dancing Traffic Enforcement. Check it out.

A traffic officer dances in the middle of the street while directing vehicles.

You’re seeing Officer Uso, he’s actually paid by the city. He’s a traffic enforcer and he is dancing. All of the traffic enforcement people here in our city, they dance, only in the morning. Very cool though, don’t you think? I think you’re going to see this all over the world in the next few years. It’s awesome. Pretty cool.

6 Responses to “DancingTrafficOfficers”

  1. Ann says:

    We need dancing traffic officers in the U.K.

    That would brighten up a grey, wintry London day no end!!


  2. Bokkie says:

    This is CLASSIC. LOVE IT!!!! Joy, Rythem, Expression in public uniform.

  3. hanz_s123 says:

    Great Job! :) Dancing can actually alleviate stress.. 😀

  4. kelly says:

    ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES! :) Daven, thankyou for visiting our country.. :) Be Blessed.

  5. Emerlinda says:

    very cool! proud to be traffic enforcer… delighting people on the streets.
    ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES..Thank you for visiting our country…enjoy Philippines! God Bless!

  6. fry4118 says:

    I think dancing brings out the better attitude in the lot of US and Arkansas Oklahoma and all other states need this kind of meet things going on

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