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Who Are Your Best Clients?

Hey there. I am Daven Michaels founder of 123Employee the premiere outsourcing center in the Philippines. Coming to you live today from Campus 2. Today I want to chat with you about your clients. Now who are your best clients? Well your best clients are your current clients arent they? I mean who is more prone to buy something from you a brand new prospect or your current client? Obviously your current client. But so many entrepreneurs so many business owners they loose sight of this and they are always looking for new clients. But your best buyers are going to be your current clients. As a matter of fact as long as you deliver a great product or service to your client. They will keep buying from you over and over and over again. And the biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make is that they dont continue to market to their current clients. Once their client has purchased something from them they move on and look for more clients and nothing could be more ridiculous. So we want to make sure that you are focusing on your clients. So here are a couple of strategies that you can use with an Outsource Virtual Assistant to actually have your clients repurchase from you again. And the way you can do this is one is staying in contact with them. You can email them. You can phone them. You can send direct mail to them. These are things that a virtual assistant can do. Here is a little strategy too which you can do is you can do surveys or client support calls and then use these for up sells. So an example might be Hi there we noticed that you purchased that you purchased our product or service in the past. We are doing a quick three question survey to help us with our product development. Do you mind answering a quick three question survey? Great. They answer the survey and then that gives you information. You say Oh wow. You know we now have a new product that allows you to do this and that. Based on your response it sounds like you may have an interest in this. And they say Oh well that is right I do have an interest in it. And they now trust you because they have worked with you before and they are going to purchase from you. So you could literally have a VA call out do these surveys and then have them up sell to other products or services. You can also do this with customer service as well. Hi we are just calling to make sure that you are happy with your purchase and by the way Daven has just created a new product that will help you do this. A matter of fact here is a little secret if you want to sell a lot of products to your clients. Survey them find out what they need and then create it and sell it to them because that is what you want to do. You want to solve their problem. Find out what their problems are and then solve it with a product or service. These are all things that a virtual assistant can help you with. Do me a favor please and respond back to this email and just hit reply and rate it for me. Give me a rating from 1 to 10. 10 being the most valuable to you. Until next time. I am Daven Michaels thanks for watching.

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  1. Tresha Plumley says:

    Outstanding work. Thanks sharing it.

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