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How Do You Plan Outsourcing to Make it Affordable?

Yes, we all know that outsourcing is affordable in comparison. But, do you know you can make outsourcing even more affordable? Yes, but first, you need to plan it. So, keep reading to learn tips on how to plan to outsource so that it becomes increasingly affordable.

First, You Need to Analyze Your Core Mission

The fastest way to unravel your core mission is to explore your business plan — it should be there already. In analyzing your core mission, you should check to ensure that your current workforce is covering strategic aspects of your business or company’s plan. Subsequently, you can seek to outsource routine tasks that are not directly linked to your core mission.

Outsourcing is something that you should take your time to plan and implement. Sometimes, the need for training when outsourcing may arise. Therefore, when you outsource, ensure that the outsourcing partner is well versed with the business function you’re handing out. It’s also important to ensure that the outsourcing partner is accountable in addition to being skillful at carrying out the business function in question.

So, once you’ve examined your core business mission and see that major aspects are being satisfactorily handled currently, you can go ahead and adopt outsourcing. This would in turn help to boost both the function and efficiency of your company.

Next, Hold Meeting with the Upper Management

The essence of this meeting is to prioritize as well as strategize on projects that are best outsourced. In prioritizing those projects, your criteria should include timeline and cost. If you have new projects and you have spotted current employees who possess the right skill to execute such tasks, you may decide not to outsource those tasks.

Here’s a list of functions that small and medium-sized businesses are better off outsourcing to a third party;

  • Online/Print Marketing
  • Public Relations/Reputation Management
  • Customer Service/Help Desk
  • Graphic Design
  • Brokers
  • Database Management
  • Website Hosting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Legal Services
  • …and more

Check Cost to Benefit Ratio

Also, in order to achieve affordable outsourcing as a small business, you need to compute the cost to benefit ratio. In essence, find out the cost involved when you outsource versus when you decide to perform the business functions in question in-house. In doing this, you shouldn’t be only concerned with monetary cost, but also hours spent in executing such tasks — this will provide a total picture of which option offers the best benefit.

Budget for Outsourcing

Outsourcing does not just happen, you have to plan for it, which includes setting apart a budget for it. Therefore, research what it will cost to outsource the task you are planning to outsource so that you can set a budget aside.

Good luck as you implement these tips to achieve affordable outsourcing.

Daven Michaels is a New York Times Best Selling Author and CEO of premiere global outsourcing company, 123Employee. The company employs hundreds of young bright individuals on three continents. His International event, Beyond Marketing Live! Inspires entrepreneurs to build & grow their business with revolutionary new theories and systems allowing them to design the business and personal lifestyle of their dreams.

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  1. Very informative and encouraging.?Thank you so much Daven Michaels

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