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I Get My Best Ideas When Traveling


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22 Responses to “I Get My Best Ideas When Traveling”

  1. Zoey Monteverde says:

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  2. Billy Amber says:

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  3. kendra says:

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  4. Sharon says:

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  5. wesley says:

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  6. jesse says:

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  7. nadeem, says:

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  8. vincent says:

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  9. hymie says:

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  10. joyce says:

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  11. ron says:

    that was so amazing!! i want to have a virtual assistant for my business.

  12. Lovie says:

    yeah! right the good things you ear while you rest..let the 123 do that…thanks..thanks

  13. Loren says:

    Such a good informative ideas..I have an insights were I can be..Thanks

  14. Pinky says:

    More power! you really help a lot to all of the businessman..Thanks

  15. Dan says:

    Thank you so much..it gives a good feedback to my business..

  16. Flor says:

    yEah! its true..no need an evidence..I really see the good outcome..mErry Christmas to all of you…

  17. montaro bridge says:

    Travel for a cost, invest for a growth, nice idea Daven.

  18. bilou rios says:

    good video for a purpose of adaptation of an ideas while around the world. and try to apply it. that’s great huh..

  19. ruby holly says:

    This video is good to take, its adding an idea to learn more from any adventure you has.

  20. kenny lewis says:

    I will set this as a sample to take ideas from other.

  21. anthony simpson says:

    its a sort of tip, being conscious to environment,like traveling, and get together, you can get some point of view from them in relation to our business.

  22. Kaylee says:

    Thanks for this insight!

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