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Local Business Marketing – Pattaya Thailand

Hey there, Daven Michaels, founder of 123Employee. Today, I am in Pattaya in Thailand, just a couple of hours from Bangkok. I figured I’d just take a moment to share with you first of all one of my favourite local fares; over here they call this a pancake. But what it really is, it’s really Roti Tinii. The first time I’ve enjoyed it was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and as a matter of fact, I think I ate it everyday. I love it. It’s so delicious and so incredibly unhealthy. This gentleman here, he’s actually from Burma, he’s Burmese, and he has a local business doesn’t he? So, let’s talk about local business marketing. Well let’s say that I was shooting a video for him which I am, and let’s say I wanted to get this out all over the web, what would I do? Well the first thing I do is I take this video, I edit it down and I put it out through YouTube. Then I’d put it out through Video Aggregator software to get it out to all the other video directories all over the web. I would email it out to all of my people, if you’re seeing this email, you’re probably one of my people. I would have it transcribed and turned into articles. Then I would chop off all the articles and micro blog them all through Twitter, and so on, and so forth. I put the text on my blog and then I put the video on my blog. Now this gentleman, let’s say he has a Facebook fan page. Okay, so what I would do is I’d have little cards that I would give away and whenever someone ordered from me, I would give him the card. The card might offer him a 10% discount or something for referring somebody or maybe I’d give him a credit for liking my fan page. See even any local business can benefit from social media and social networking. Okay so I’m going to enjoy my Roti Tinii tonight. I’m Daven Michaels. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Levi Thomson says:

    Marketing is about identifying and understanding your customer and giving them what they want. This blog could be beneficial., thanks for sharing it!

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