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Shopping Carts Ibiza Spain





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Hey there! Daven Michaels founder of 123Employee the premiere outsourcing center of the Philippines. Today I’m coming to you from the party capital of Europe. That is right I am in Ibiza in Spain. And I am often asked what is the best shopping cart solution? What is the best shopping cart solution? I will tell you there are a few out there and I have put some links in this email just to let you know and I change them up from time to time. So I tell you what my favourites are now and if you see some different links in this email then you know that I have made some updates. I really have three that are my favorites. Thats Infusionsoft, Inovo and 1ShoppingCart. I will give you the pros and cons and tell you what it is about them. The big daddy of all of them is Infusionsoft. We use infusion and it is a great platform. If you have a decent size business you probably want to be using it. It is the most robust but it is costly it is costly. It can be around anywhere from a few hundred to five hundred dollars a month. Once you start getting a big list it can even push you know six seven seven hundred. But it is worthwhile if you have a business that warrants that. If you need to do all kinds of trick things it is a great program to use. It didnt use to be so great it has gotten really awesome over the last couple of years. We are very pleased with Infusionsoft. If you have sort of a mid size business and you want to keep your budget down for around a hundred to a hundred and thirty a month you can use 1ShoppingCart. We were on 1ShoppingCart for many years. We are very pleased with 1Shopping. And what is cool is it can grow with you. So at first if you just want to build the list you can just use it for list functions and it is around thirty forty dollars a month. Then if you want to start taking money then it is another thirty forty a month so then you are up in the sixty seventy dollar range. And then if you want to start an affiliate program it goes up another thirty dollars a month and then it is around a hundred dollars a month. And then if you want full time support that is another twenty thirty dollars a month. And that is about it very inexpensive. Not as robust as Infusionsoft but honestly it will do just about everything you want at a fraction of the price. It is a little over a hundred for that hundred to a hundred thirty a month. Lets see also my very favorite that is coming up that is really going to be a big game changer it is called Inovo. You may or may not see a link in here. Inovo is big in Eastern Europe the biggest! But now they are just getting going in the US. So if you see a link that means that they are up and running and if you dont then they are not quite ready for you yet. But it is going to be awesome. It is probably around a couple of hundred bucks a month and in some respects more robust than Infusionsoft. Really amazing amazing architecture. So that is pretty cool. Now if you are just building a list and you dont need to take any money in then you can use AWeber. AWeber works fine and that is about thirty bucks a month. You can also use Constant Contact and these are good too. Then later as you grow you can export your list out of those. But for me if I was just getting going I would start with 1ShoppingCart. It will grow with you. If you have been around for a while and you are looking you can take it to the next level Infusionsoft. Okay well there it is. There is the information on shopping carts. Hope this was helpful for you. Please answer back this email and give me a rating from zero to ten ten having the most value for you. We want to get your feedback. And I am going to go back to partying here in Ibiza. Alright thanks for watching. This is Daven Michaels. I hope you are living your true life adventure. Bye for now and See you soon.

2 Responses to “Shopping Carts Ibiza Spain”

  1. Don says:

    Daven, Good Information to know but a little late for me I already signed up with Volusion It’s running about $100 a month. I will say so far support has been great. My question where is the best place to find people in the business to ask questions and find help when need it. I new to eCommerce and hand a heck of a time find people that can help guild me and offer suggestion. Right now I trying to setup a 4000 product store front. I trying to figure out the right step to take to get it up and running fast as possible. Any suggestion ?

  2. Craig says:

    Great Video Daven!

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