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Websites That Sell!

Hey there Daven Michaels founder of 123Employee the premier outsourcing center in the Philippines. Today I am coming to you from Campus 2 in the Philippines and I want to chat with you for a moment about websites that sell. Now there are different types of websites there is your standard website that has tabs across the top Home FAQ About Us so on so forth and then there are Sales Pages. Sales Pages are websites that sell. So what is a sales page? Well a sales page is generally a long copy page and it basically goes down down down. You have seen it before. It is one long page and there are videos and there are testimonials and audios and all kinds of things. And it goes way way down to the very bottom. And what is at the very bottom? There is a button. And what does that button say? It says buy doesnt it? What do you do? You click on buy dont you? And that is a sales page that sells. If you do not have a sales page you are probably not moving a lot of product. And you need a sales page to sell lots of product. And at 123Employee we can create those sales pages for you. It is not too tough we have templates of sales pages that we use. We can actually create these sales pages for you. So if you do not have a sales page we recommend that you get one right away. We can do it for you. Anybody can do it. You can do it yourself. But we are happy to help. So if you want to get more information on sales pages just click the link below. I have a favor to ask and that is please rate this video. I want to know if you found this video valuable for you or whether you did not. So please reply to this video and give me a rating anywhere from 1 to 10. 1 being the least amount of value to you 10 being the most. And until next time I am Daven Michaels. Thanks for watching!

4 Responses to “Websites That Sell!”

  1. Kimberly Blankenship says:

    That’s a nice article. Keep it up:)

  2. David Redmond says:

    This is very informative…Thanks for posting and sharing

  3. Stephen Kemp says:

    We would like to turn our landing page into a press release. Your rating is 10, on a scale 1-10.
    Thank you

  4. Ann Manry says:


    I thought your video was very informative and helpful. You get a 10 for this one.


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