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This Can Cause a HUGE Boost in Your Business!

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Hey there, it’s Daven Michaels and it is about 6:30 AM. I’m coming to you from Cyprus in the Mediterranean and I’m up early to actually share a pretty amazing strategy with you.


Now, I think a tremendous way to grow your business is using events. So maybe you’re currently throwing events for your business or you’re thinking about it. I want you to know I highly, highly, highly suggest you do this.


We started doing events just less than two years ago and it’s been massive for our business in a lot of ways. It’s built the business but it’s also built an incredible brand and reputation for us and it’s allowed us to educate our market. We know that a more educated client is a more successful client. And so that is why we started doing it.


Now our goal at these events is to have an event where everybody walks away, every single person, with an amazing experience. That’s always our goal. Usually doesn’t turn out that 100% of the people have a great time but it’s high. So anyway, what we do each day to make sure this happens and to keep tweaking throughout the event we do what’s called an exit survey.


We ask about five questions at the end of each day. Who was your favorite speaker? Please rate all the speakers. What do you like the worst? What do you like the best? What can we do to make it a better experience for you?


And, when we just wrapped up this event in London last weekend we found that we had 100% success, which was amazing. Now, what was so cool is not only did we have an amazing experience but now we have about 150 forms that are filled out with people talking about what an amazing event we have.


Now we are taking these exit surveys, we are scanning them and then we are posting them on the page for the event on the event page online. So that next time around we will see over 100 amazing reviews of the event. What a tremendous way to markets.


So the tip for today is: events to grow your business and then when you do these events have exit surveys and then use them as a marketing tool to show social proof. So that’s the tip today. Use this one and you will grow your business exponentially.


Until next time, this is Daven Michaels. And I hope you’re living your true life adventure. Bye for now.


One Response to “This Can Cause a HUGE Boost in Your Business!”

  1. Michael Fernandez says:

    Wow that Amazing Daven, Thank You for your tip. I’ll take a note on that :-)

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