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Relationship Marketing – Budapest Hungary

Daven Michaels here, founder of 123Employee. Today, I’m coming to you from Budapest, Hungary. I want to share with you a little bit about relationship marketing. If you understand a little bit about marketing and sales, you’ll probably understand the concept of relationship marketing. You want to build a relationship with your potential client, your existing client, or your prospect. It’s especially important these days because now you can really create that relationship. It’s just not printed media but it’s video and audio. I’ll give you a little inside tip; I’m relationship marketing to you right now. My intentions are great because with relationship marketing it allows you to have fun. It allows you to really have a relationship with your prospect or your client. You could actually do that. Just like on Facebook, My Space, Twitter, or Linked-In, you can have a relationship in social media. It’s different, not like your best buddy, but it’s a real relationship. At a certain point, if you get a chance to touch or hang out with your client, you already have a built-in relationship. I’ll give you an example: we do our own events on a regular basis. People show up to our events and they know me. We may have never had a one on one interaction but they actually know me from our videos, from our audios, or from letters I may send out. Eventually, we know these prospects are going to become clients. I mean it’s inevitable. Everybody needs our service so we just build that relationship but we don’t have to be *salesy*. It allows us to just have fun. Relationship marketing is really a great way and a fun way to build your business. If you’re not focused on relationship selling, if you’re just selling, I feel these are really worth these days. You really have to build a relationship with your clients so lay back a little bit and think about how you would like to be related to and do the same thing in your marketing. Think of your client or your prospect as a good friend because we know that at the end of the day, when they become a client, you’re responsible for them and you’re going to make sure that they get a great service or product from you. So, go ahead and build that right from the get go. Okay, until next time, I’m Daven Michaels. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Gerald Divaris says:

    Nice view huh, also the content. Good job!!!

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