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Social Networking – From London England

Hey there it is Daven and Beejal. Today we are at London England. What is behind us Beejal? It is the Millennium Wheel. If you are ever in London and you have a great birds eye view of London this is the way you need to come and take a birds eye view. Absolutely Beejal has been on it I have not yet. Today we are going to talk to you about social marketing social media but today we are calling it social network. Social networking social networking! We want to make a distinction. When you use the word social media now it is too expansive not descriptive so when we talk about social networking which is basically Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter. That is right! When you are travelling all over the world make sure to put these pictures up on Facebook LinkedIn Twitter MySpace all of them. Put them on the social media outlets and by the way we have some tools to contact all of something like 86 social media outlets. Use your VA your virtual assistant to put your content all over on the key social networks. Yeah so at the same time you are travelling you are having fun but you are getting the word out which equates to more dollars and more fun! Now we are going to see the House of Parliament by special invitation no not the prime minister my cousin! So we will see you soon! See you later!

2 Responses to “Social Networking – From London England”

  1. Deborah LaVecchia says:

    Great idea! Thanks for the awesome blog.

  2. LouAnne D says:

    Wish I was there with you guys. This concept is one I will be doing a lot more of. Going to Toronto at the end of the month and plan to take lots of pics and a video or two.

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