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The Plain Old Benefits of Outsourcing

To a lot of people outsourcing might seem like a waste of money and precious time, as well as an unnecessary complication. After all, why should one send business abroad when the same job could probably be done better right at home? To anyone running for office, the topic on outsourcing serves as a real objection to “taking work” away from “our citizens.” Compassion towards this topic will only elicit a couple of votes and nothing more.

But to all businessmen and women, outsourcing is a modern day boon, period. Outsourcing offers all types of businesses the liberty to dump non-core but still important sectors of their administration on firms that specialize in those individual aspects – leaving business owners the freedom to totally focus on those areas of their business that bring in the real dough.

The most alluring advantage of outsourcing is the cost effective feature. Information Technology and human resource services in Europe or the US is not exactly cheap. Let’s simply say that outsourcing is typically an alternative that provides these services at a much lower cost by providing a cheap yet highly productive work force.

Let’s take Asia (India in particular) as an example. Thousands of highly intelligent people graduate in different fields every year. The truth is that almost all of these graduates speak impeccable English and dream of earning good income in a short period of time. Thanks to the boom of BPOs in the past ten years, it has given them the opportunity to realize their dreams. It provides them with the great opportunity to stay close to their home and earn almost the same income as they would if they worked abroad. An individual would earn on average about 300 to 500 dollars each month. Yes, it may not be much to an average American but believe it or not, an Indian would be quite contented with that salary taking into consideration the conversion rate. So it is a win-win situation for your company as well as the firm that you are outsourcing to.

There is something wonderful about Americans: a lot of American business men and women will never take advantage of outsourcing if it means that it is going to mean that other people will be working their fingers to the bones without being duly compensated.

ImageHost.org Daven Michaels Author of the book Outsource This!

23 Responses to “The Plain Old Benefits of Outsourcing”

  1. Steve says:

    Wow found it amazing great article Daven keep it coming!

  2. Bert-O says:

    I totally agree with you Daven. I heard a lot of great news about outsourcing. It really takes a lot of load from a very busy schedule. Glad that I heard about this one. I’m also planning to take my business into outsourcing just need a time to schedule an interview with some applicants.

  3. Dulce says:

    This is a great information that helps!Thanks Daven.

  4. Jackie says:

    Very informative Daven.. thnx for sharing:)

  5. Abby03 says:

    I agree on this Article Daven, cos for now a days people are depending on the Internet and on how to market one’s business? outsourcing is one of the best way! Waste of money indeed is true but still It’s good for all the people like me.2 Thumbs up for this.Liked it.!

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  7. Jane says:

    Another informative post from you Daven that really helps! Great! Looking forward to read some . .

  8. Juliet France says:

    This is a nice post you have here. I would say that outsourcing should be taken advantage because of its huge benefits. I have a small business that I am running and outsourcing helps me cut my monthly dues-like utility bills for instance and that is a big thing that everybody should be thankful of.

    Juliet F.

  9. MIMI says:

    Each word meant everything to me.
    Experienced all that!!!

  10. David Blood says:

    Wow! this is great Information. Thank you for sharing this..

  11. Sebastiene says:

    Oh yeah! I will definitely try outsourcing in the Philippines. As I hear Filipino virtual assistants are pleasant to work with it. It is indeed the best place to outsource to! -S

  12. Jc Cook says:

    Outsourcing is terrific! It brings the world together and shrinks the distance between cultures and nations.

    Great Info! Thanks.

  13. MIMI says:

    Yes indeed they are Sebastiene. It’s not a waste of time and money. I would definitely endorse 123Employee!

  14. shou sakai says:

    wow so cool,

    it is nice to know that we can do our administrative tasks at home,
    well looking forward to read more about these and
    can’t wait to outsource my business!!

    your brilliant man DAVEN!

  15. nesian says:

    Outsourcing can definitely help organization gain a competitive edge in the market.
    Very true! Thank for this post Daven.

  16. mike nicolas says:

    you are really an amazing guy Dave. all the information you had posted were definitely true. When I outsourced to 123Employee I had more time to focus on the internal factor of my business which enable me to gain more profit with less pressures. Thanks Daven!

  17. Todd Nuttall says:

    Yes I believed in this article, its really great to have an amazing virtual assistant in a less of cost, like in Philippine. Why work abroad when you can work at home? This is also the idea that I want to share to those who wants an extra income, part time or full time Job work at your very own place, earned more in less effort, work time at your control. To know more about it watch this video: http://bit.ly/fDDDcj

  18. Alexis says:

    great post Daven, now I will definitely learn and work with Outsourcing,Thank you for that information.

  19. William says:

    Outsourcing does more than save money though. It also allows a business to streamline its operations by removing tasks that might otherwise absorb valuable in-house resources.

  20. Kresha says:

    Owesome!Looking forward to touch base with you.

  21. Tiburzz says:

    WoW!!!amazing…Daven really rocks..

  22. gail says:


    I will definitely spread the news..

    Good job Daven..Looking forward to read more..

  23. Sandra says:

    I have a business right now and I don’t have a lot of money to add more employees and now after I read your article I realized that this is a big help for me to outsource my business and thanks for your information.

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